One of my first original knitting patterns! This adorable raggedy bunny works out to be about 9” tall if suggested material is used. It has a classic gingerbread build, giving it a rustic feel. In assembly, you have the option to either simply sew or single-crochet the two body pieces together, which creates a lovely border around the outside. I used scrap yarn to stuff, but any stuffing would work beautifully for this. Makes a perfect beginner project!

This simple bunny makes an adorable baby gift; it also works great for newborn photo shoots or just imaginative play!

Raggedy Bunny Beginner Pattern


– US size 6 knitting needles (4mm)

– Any mid-weight yarn (I used Lilly Sugar n’ Cream)

– Yarn Needle

– Scissors

– Material for stuffing (I used scrap yarn)


St = stitches

K = knit

Kfb = knit into the front and back of the stitch

M1 = make 1 stitch by picking up connecter between last stitch and the next stitch and knitting it through the back loop

K2tog = knit two stitches together as if they were one

*Numbers found in parentheses () are the number of stitches you should be left with on your needle*

Body Panels (make 2)

Cast on 5 stitches

1. k

2. k1 m1 k to last st m1 k1

Repeat the last two rows 5 times until you are left with 15 st on you needle

Knit 9 rows

Start decreases for bottom of head

1. k1 k2tog k to last 3 st k2tog k1

2. k

Repeat these two rows 4 times leaving 9 stitches.

Repeat just the decrease row one more time leaving 7 st.


cast-on 10 st at the beginning of next 2 rows for the start of arms (27 st)

1. k

2. k

3. k1 m1 k to end (28 st)

4. k1 m1 k to end (29 st)

5. k

6. k to last 3 st k2tog k1 (28 st)

7. k to last 3 st k2tog k1 (27 st)

8. k

9. cast-off 9 st k to end (18st)

10. cast-off 9 st k to end (9 st)


1. k

2. k

3. k

4. k1 m1 k to end m1 k1 (11 st)

repeat these 4 rows one more time until 13 st


set up row

k6 kfb k6 (14 st)

1. k 7 Place remaining 7 stitches onto a stitch holder.

k the 7 stitches remaining on needles for 14 rows

16. k2tog k to last 2 stitches k2tog (5 st)

17. At the same time as working this row, cast off the needle. So after two stitches are on your right needle begin the cast-off process. k2tog k1, k2tog. cut yarn and pass through remaining stitch.

Place the 7 stitches that were placed on the holder, onto a needle and repeat the same steps as the first leg for the second one.

Ears (make 2)

cast on 10 st

k 32 rows

Bottom of Ear

1. k2tog k6 k2tog

2. k2tog k4 k2tog

3. k2tog k2 k2tog

cast off


Sew the two halves of the body together either by a simple whip stitch or single-crocheting them together, the latter of which adds a nice border, as seen in the pictures above.

Stuff the body and embroider the face.

To attach ears, fold each ear in half and sew onto the head.

Optional: add a cute neck ribbon


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