As makers, our respective knit and crochet pattern lists are usually a mile long. With so many adorable patterns it’s hard to pick the next project to get wrapped up in. Whether you’re like Kailey and take inspiration from patterns to make your own, or just looking for something new to dip your needles (or hooks) into, we hope this list will also inspire you to get started on something fresh and new!

Knit Patterns


Lately I (Adira) been on a huge quest for adorable knit stuffed animal patterns because I do think this is one area we knitters fall a little short of the crocheters. Because of this, most of the patterns I’m planning on doing are in this category and I’m so excited to try them out!


By Yarnspirations Design Studio

This zebra pattern has been on my favorites list for a while and I can’t wait to get started on it! They’re just so quirky and cute, I hope this pattern can reach my expectations! (ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE – Kailey)

Tina & Nina Mermaid in Red Heart Amigurumi

By Nancy Anderson

A predicted trend for 2024 is anything ocean, so these mermaids seemed like a very cute project to try out.

Oscar the Sea Otter

By Tricia Wood

We often get odd requests or inquiries about animals at craft fairs we table. Someone had asked about a sea otter. After she left, out of curiosity, I looked up patterns if one even existed. I am so glad she came to our table because I never would have found this adorable pattern otherwise!


By Lorriane Pistorio

This one needs no explanation… Look how cute all these chubby animals are!

Easter Bunny

By Claire Garland

In my quest for spring patterns, I found this little bunny which I just so happen to have the perfect yarn for (a nice tan blend that has rabbit hair in it)!

Headwear (hats and headbands)

As the spring season is fast approaching I am determined to find an easy to make and elegant baby headband, as well as a bonnet that fits that same criteria. I can’t wait to try these out and find the best ones!

Petite Cabled Skirt Set Knit

By Melody Rogers

I found this elegant little headband set in my quest for better headbands then the ones I currently have in my repertoire. While the skirt is very pretty, I don’t have any plans for it. However, I think this easy yet elegant headband is perfect for the coming spring season!

Scout Baby Headband

By Allison Sanzon

I’ve been looking for a little twist headband and this one seems perfect! Simple yet elegant, and perfect transition headwear from winter to spring!

Pearled Tieback Headband

By Amanda Morse

These simple little bow headbands look like a perfect easy project and can adjust to fit any size as they are tie-on.

B21-34 Alladin

By DROPS Design

I have such a love for elf shaped baby hats so I hope this sport weight pattern becomes my new go to! Just look how cute that little point is! Another selling point is that it comes in a fairly wide range of sizes.

Lilacs for Lila

By KnittedblissJC

This lacey bonnet seems perfect for spring and I love the shape of it! Also this comes in a wide range of sizes, which is one of the criteria I’ve been looking for in patterns I pick up lately.


I’ve been on a huge clothing kick lately, however it just doesn’t seem to sell well for me. My goal is to make more sweaters in timeless styles in a broader size range as they seem to get more attention.


By Tincanknits

This sweater is an adorable classic piece perfect for both genders and has an enormous size range all the way from Newborn to Adult 6XL!

Classic Baby Cardigan

By Yarnspirations

This pattern has a large range of sizes and can be adapted for either a girly lace look, or a simple little boy button up. (CUTE! I want a crochet pattern like this! -Kailey)


Actually making a blanket is a long time goal for me and as of yet, I’ve still not accomplished it. I will admit this isn’t at the top of my to-do list, it still is on my list of patterns to get to. (… Guys I have been begging Adira to make a blanket for almost 2 years now! – Kailey)

Super Easy Crib Blanket in Worsted Twist

By Purl Soho

This simple blanket seems as if it would be a great introductory pattern to blankets as it is entirely garter stitch and uses worsted weight yarn. (However, if you are like Adira and like intricacies and become tired of doing the same thing, I actually recommend doing a more complicated pattern to keep your attention on it! -Kailey)

Baby Chalice Blanket

By Karen S. Lauger

To satisfy Kailey (and my own need for variety)… I found this more complex pattern in a nice aran weight yarn. It is both complex with a lace pattern which will better keep at least my attention, and worked in a larger weight yarn so it won’t take as long!

Crochet Patterns

Ok… I (Kailey) am horrible at keeping a legit list of what I want to do…. It is all up in my head so bear with me on this post! I actually tend to look for projects for inspiration to make my own pattern/creation rather than to follow along!


By: moontyasha

I have absolutely adored these Loch Ness Monster creations! Over the past several months now I have been watching every new post and different variation and just can’t wait to make my own version! I actually have been inspired to create a certain collection that is related as well (it’s a secret for now but be on the lookout in the near future for it)!

Kiefer the Forest Dragon (Life-size Baby Dragon Pattern)
By: OvertonFancies

This dragon is GIANT! According to the creator he is from the tip of nose to tip of tail: 8ft 6in, tip of nose to curve of tail: 4ft 2in, wing span: 5ft 8in, height: 1ft 3in. I had seen this fella a few years ago now and he actually played a part in my decision in developing my “Gentle Giants” collection! Though mine are not yet just this GIANT… that is the goal! (I LOVE dragons, you must make IMMEDIATELY!~ Adira)

Amigurumi Doll Cute Fox
By: Crochetconfetti

Is this not the cutest doll ever!? I have only ever made 3 dolls of my own (which everyone loved! ~Adira) and honestly it is one of the most difficult things for me to do (that I have tried so far)! This creator is absolutely amazing at creating crochet dolls, and if this image doesn’t convince you, I definitely recommend you check her out for all her other creations! She also offers her patterns in all different languages! As I am not as well versed in dolls I am actually thinking of crocheting this exact pattern. If I do, I will definitely share how it goes!


This is brand new for me! I have never crocheted any flowers before and have been seeing absolutely gorgeous crochet flower bouquets lately! I can’t wait to delve into this new category of crochet – I even bought floral wire to get started!

Crochet Flower Bouquet

This website has so so many free flower patterns that you can pick and choose from to make your very own floral bouquet! It also provides recommendations for if a flower/plant is a main, secondary, accenter, filler, greenery, etc. This website is a wonderful introduction to the world of floral crochet and I plan to use this wonderful website to get myself started!


So I have always been mesmerized by dreamcatchers, they can be so pretty and intricate! My mom also has always loved them and I plan to make one for her birthday this year! This will be my first attempt so hopefully it turns out well!

How to Make a Crochet Dream Catcher – Daydreamer Wall Hanging

By: This Pixie Creates

This dreamcatcher looks like a great introduction piece to get started with! The pattern is free and simple! I also love the look of the various scraps of fabric and yarn at the bottom-something my mom also has an aesthetic for!


Everyone must know by now that Adira recently introduced me into the world of baby clothes and I have become obsessed (You’re welcome! ~ Adira)! Although I am still not an expert and plan to follow patterns for the foreseeable future before creating my own patterns. The below are just some of the cutest patterns I have seen that I REALLY REALLY want to make!

Little Bunny Hooded Dress

By: Jeanine Andrea

Love it! As soon as I saw the bunny ears on the hood I was hooked! I have put this off due to it being a paid pattern, but I might have to bite the bullet for this one!

Crochet Baby Boy Sweater Pattern, Bentley Sweater
By: Crochet Dreamz

Crochet Dreamz is back! I wrote about another one of their sweater patterns previously and I found another by them that is so cute! It is unfortunate that this particular pattern is paid, unlike the previous post’s free pattern. However, I know that this creator writes very clear instructions that are easy to follow along with, meaning this pattern should be just as understandable! I really like the different textures present in this as well as the curled collar which gives it a more unique look!

The Bear Baby Jacket
By: swecraftcorner

In case you couldn’t tell yet…I love hoods with animal ears on them! It just makes the clothing piece that much more adorable! This is a free pattern for a newborn and is gender neutral! I love the buttons on this too! (so so cute! ~ Adira)

Ellen’s Sun Hat
By: Adore Crea

I recently made a bucket hat and just love the shape of it! This pattern is a sun hat with a similar shape that I was drawn too! I also really like the texture of the stitches and the ruffled trim!


Crochet Even Moss at Berry Ridge Blanket

By: Daisy Farm Crafts

I love love love the look of this blanket! I have been a follower of Daisy Farm Crafts for years now and I always enjoy seeing their newest creations! The moss stitch and fringe on this blanket give it such a classic look! Although I am still in the middle of my latest throw… I hope to make this one next!

Forest friends baby blanket

By: Passionate Crafter

As soon as I saw this applique baby blanket I knew I had to design my own! I have been looking at some applique patterns lately and have been tempted to include them in a baby blanket pattern of my own but seeing it done in this way seals the deal for me!

We hope you enjoyed our post of our knit and crochet pattern list and that perhaps you found a pattern, or a few, that you want to give a try! Let us know if have made any of these and how it went!

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