Being a business owner can be overwhelming at times. Between running an Etsy shop, multiple social media accounts for that shop, a blog, and an email list, it is very easy for the day to be consumed between creating content, market research, and creating products. Add on top of all that having a toddler going through his terrible twos and a three-week-old newborn, and you have a recipe for losing your mind! I have only had three weeks to figure this new life out, but I’ll tell you how I manage my business, and three tips and ideas I’ve learned that will make any business owners life easier.

The Start of my Businesses

     When I started my first venture, my son was about 6 months old. I was inspired to start knitting again and made him a pair of felted knit slippers. The inspiration he and these slippers brought me, made me want to share this with others and teach them the joys of knitting. So I started my YouTube channel Knitting Knoodles (currently on hiatus).

A few months later I decided to go out on a limb and start my Etsy Shop, Wolf Baby Boutique. I named my shop after my son, and was inspired in part by the nightmarish NICU stay we had and the lack of “natural” there. My goal was to create natural fiber and eco-friendly baby products for the mom, who like me, was concerned about the effects plastic and microplastics might have on our infants.

The last branch of my business tree started in 2022 when I met Kailey and we decided to start doing craft fairs together. Selling at these fairs it seemed odd to go by our own individual names. While we did sell under my business name for the first two fairs, it just didn’t seem right. You can read how we came up with our name in our about section, but we started selling under the Knochet Niche name, and December 2023 we started this blog!

3 Tips I’ve Learned

     When I first started, I learned to work as my oldest napped. This became increasingly more difficult as he got older. Now with two children, the amount of time I have to myself in order to do anything is virtually non-existent! That nap time opening doesn’t quite work when you have two littles that don’t sleep at the same time!

Tip 1

Work during activity lulls.

What I have learned is to take advantages of lulls within the day. “Two year old is occupied with a look-and-find book and newborn nursed to sleep, time to get some chores done!” I continue to work in bursts like this until I’ve chipped away at the chores enough. That way, when the next lull comes, I have time to work on business tasks.

Tip 2

Find what works for you, staying up late or getting up early.

     While I know some mothers will get up extra early in order to get stuff done, I am the opposite of a morning person! I have always been a night owl, and despite the exhaustion that follows having a baby, I am able to stay up a good few nights a week. For example, I am currently writing this after my fiancé put down our two year old and the newborn is asleep.

Some nights I’ll manage my content, some I’ll do market research, and others I’ll just create. There is always so much to do and limited hours in the day. I am looking forward to the return of mine and Kailey’s Saturday coffee shop trips. It is one of the few times I can focus on making things while not having to worry about children! 

Tip 3

Find your support system.

     Another thing that really helps, is having my family available to help out as much as they do. With this current economy, we live with my mother and my siblings, as my fiancé and I had our children before we could work ourselves out of debt (mostly related to college). Children tend to cost a decent bit, which also set us back again. Honestly though, this has been such a blessing because I would have lost my mind managing as much as I do on my own! If I ever have something important to do in the middle of the day, my sisters especially, are always eager to help! 

Now I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have family that is available and willing to help, but there are people out there who will! I know of moms who will do kid swaps for each other. They prearrange nights of the week to take the other mom’s children, giving the other some free time. It just takes time to find your people.

Ideas To Make Life Even Easier

     As much as I am able to do there are always ways to maximize efficiency and get more done without compromising the time I have with my children. Nothing is worse then feeling guilty at the end of the day because it feels like you didn’t do enough in either of your roles, business owner or mother.

Idea 1

Make and stick to a schedule.

One of the biggest things I need to work on is making and sticking to a schedule. Setting aside designated time for photography, filming, editing, writing, and posting would help me so much! I can get all my necessary content out of the way for up to the next month. This way I won’t feel burnt out throughout the month trying to cram last minute (like what I’m doing now). 

Idea 2

Have designated brainstorm days.

  One of the best pieces of advice I have heard is to schedule in days to brainstorm, or come up with content ideas. This is not as detailed as fully planning out content, but just as useful. Instead of relying on stress of coming up with an idea the same day you post, you can have a catalog of ideas to choose from. Pairing this with scheduling and work is a lot less stressful!

Idea 3

Plan content ahead of schedule down to the last detail.    

Another thing I need to work on is to come into every project prepared with a plan. I have always thrived on winging it, but with so many projects and media streams winging it is no longer an option. And planning content is not as broad as saying when you’re going to post. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, having all the content set and ready to go for whatever posting schedule you’ve decided on down to the last hashtag is ideal.

Let’s face it though, as mothers there will always be instances you can’t anticipate or control for, plans that completely fall apart, and that’s ok! These little monsters are a gift we’ve been given, and you are amazing managing as much as you do. Sometimes we all need to take a step back, give ourselves some grace, and try again tomorrow.

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