With Spring on it’s way and with the weather warming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my Gentle Giant Bee pattern with everyone! He is made from Bernat Velvet yarn making him utterly soft and huggable! If made with the recommended weight 5 yarn, he will come out to be about a foot long.

This pattern is the first in my Gentle Giants collection! Made in honor of my very own gentle giant newfie. Look forward to more in this collection as I had so much fun creating this oversized bee!

A PDF version of this pattern can be found here!


Yarn:   Bernat Velvet Yarn (Weight 5)

  • 1 Skein White
  • 1 Skein Black
  • 1 Skein Soft Sunshine

Crochet Hook:  K



Safety Eyes (if wanted)


R = row

mc = magic circle

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

inc = 2 sc in next stitch

dec = sc the next 2 stitches together

FO = fasten off

()* = repeat inside all the way around

x2 = repeat stitch listed twice


Start with Black

8 sc in mc

R1: (inc)*

R2: Sc around

R3: (2 sc, inc)*

R4: Sc around

R5: (3 sc, inc)*

R6: Sc around

R7: (4 sc, inc)*

R8: Sc around

Switch to Soft Sunshine

R9: (5 sc, inc)*

R10: Sc around

R11: (6 sc, inc)*

R12: Sc around

R13: (7 sc, inc)*

R14: Sc around

R15: (8 sc, inc)*

R16: Sc around

R17: (9 sc, inc)*

R18: Sc around

Switch to Black

R19: (10 sc, inc)*

R20-28: Sc around

Switch to Soft Sunshine

R29-38: Sc around

Switch to Black

R39-48: Sc around

Switch to Soft Sunshine

R49-58: Sc around

Switch to Black

R59-67: Sc around

R68: (10 sc, dec)*

Switch to Soft Sunshine

R69: (9 sc, dec)*

R70: (8 sc, dec)*

R71: (7 sc, dec)*


R72: (2 sc, dec)*

R73-74: (dec)*

Finish Off.

Wings x 2

Using white 6 sc in mc

R1: (inc)*

R2: (sc, inc)*

R3: (2 sc, inc)*

R4: (3 sc, inc)*

R5: (4 sc, inc)*

R6: (5 sc, inc)*

R7: (6 sc, inc)*

R8-17: Sc around

R18: (6 sc, dec)*

R19: (5 sc, dec)*

R20: (4 sc, dec)*

R21: (3 sc, dec)*

R22: (2 sc, dec)*

R23: Sc around

Finish off. Leave long tail for sewing.

Sew wings to top of body.


I hope you enjoyed creating your very own giant bee! Leave a comment and let me know how it went!

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