When we think Valentine’s Day we usually think of love, flowers, hearts, and the color pink, with a few exceptions. In this list we’ve compiled some free patterns inspired by Valentine’s Day and we’ll tell you what about the pattern made us think it would be perfect for the holiday!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, a special someone, or your little one, we have you covered! We even have a few pet patterns to show your animals some love! We hope you enjoy our list and get inspired to make something for the holiday of love!


Crochet Patterns

Heart Crochet Tea Towel Topper Pattern

By: Stitching Together

If you are looking to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day, this tea towel topper is a simple, cute and practical way to do it! It is a great way to spruce up your kitchen for the season! The pattern is super easy and works up so quickly!

Boho Crochet Heart Coaster

By: Stitching Together

Here is another from Stitching together! Looks super boho chic! A great way to bring in some Valentine’s cheer to your household and be useful at the same time! The heart crochet pattern is only 4 rows and because of this it is SUPER quick… but beware, adding the fringe takes time! I have made various projects with fringe and sometimes this part takes the same amount of time or even longer! I still think this is totally worth making and would be a great addition to anyone’s coaster collection.

Love Birds Potholder-Free Tapestry Crochet Pattern

By: Raffamusa Designs

Super sweet~ This is such an adorable potholder! I just love the two little birds and hearts. This is a tapestry crochet pattern so be prepared for color work! The free pattern is a written out version of the color work and unfortunately does not include a graph (which I personally prefer to work off of).

Crochet Flamingo Applique

By: Golden Lucy Crafts

I have been eyeing this flamingo for a while now… someone had asked me to find a cute pink applique for them to add to their baby blanket gift and this is the one I liked the most! Appliques are a great way to bring in something extra to blankets, hats, scarves, and honestly most any crochet pieces. I like the subtlety of the heart shaped body as it can be used in a Valentines way or anytime of the year!

Valentines Crochet Basket Set

By: Knitz N Purlz

I am always looking for more storage ideas (especially to store my mounds and mounds of yarn), and these are a great way to do so! Not only can I use up some of the yarn I have lying around but then I can store either more yarn inside or even other items (possibly thinking of putting some of Gabe’s toys in them!).

Knit Patterns

Rose Bunting

By: Julie Taylor

Now I know the image I found of this pattern is using fourth of July colors, but hear me out… Replacing these with some cream, a light pink, and a nice red would look gorgeous! Customizing is super easy with patterns like this, maybe you don’t like how the roses look, or maybe you want a bunch of roses on each banner. The sky really is the limit!

Valentine Heart Doily

By: Nazanin S. Fard

I don’t know what could possibly be more festive for Valentine’s Day, then a lacey heart doily! I’m usually not a doily person, but this would make such a pretty placemat for a Valentine’s themed party, or just a romantic night in.

Merry Little Heart

By: Heidi Kirrmaier

While this is “technically” marked as a Christmas decoration, it can easily be a Valentine’s one as well. As someone whose family decorated for all holidays, heart decorations were something that frequently were repurposed from Christmas. These would be super cute attached as a garland, hung around the house, adapted as accessories or appliques, or just sitting on the mantel!

Sprinkle of Love Table Runner

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

This table runner is so cute! It adds the perfect level of festivities to your home. I am also a sucker for colorwork, so I absolutely love this! Something about this is so childlike and playful while somehow staying classy. I can envision a tea party and a romantic date with this runner, and I need to make both happen!


By: Cecilia Fameli

I am all about, what I like to call, class and subtlety. So, while a heart shaped dishcloth would give a *Bam* in your face Valentine’s touch to your kitchen (or bathroom) I prefer the tiny details on this dishcloth. It gives a sprinkle of Valentine spirit and decoration without being over the top in a way you can only have it out for the holiday.


Crochet Patterns


By: Jo to the World Creations

If you are looking to make something for your fur baby, well here is a cute AND practical choice! An adorable pet met to place food bowls on during meal time! Again this is a color work pattern however, the creator gives a great explanation on how to do it! I DEFINITELY will be making this for my gentle giant Gabe~

Valentine’s Day Crochet Dog Bandana

By: Golden Lucy Crafts

Another pattern on my to do list now… I just can’t with these valentines inspired crochet patterns for pets! This is a simple bandana pattern with heart appliques that works up in only a few hours. When I make this for Gabe I’m going to change the pink to black and I am sure he will look adorably handsome in it!

Crochet Your Own Valentine’s Day Heart Bow Ties

By: Maria Louise Design

Look at this dapper gentleman! This valentines bow tie would dress up any of our fur babies! This creator went above and beyond with photo explanations making this one of the easiest patterns EVER. Too bad Gabe’s glorious long fur coat would cover this bow tie, otherwise this may have been the next project up for me!

Amigurumi Heart – An Easy Crochet Tutorial

By: Crochet 365 Knit too

You might be wondering why these amigurumi hearts are in the pet section… well it’s because I could not leave cats off this post and have a wonderful idea for these itty-bitty hearts! These can easily be made into cat toys for your beloved cat at home! Mix some fiber fill with catnip or put a bell inside to satisfy your cats playtime. You could also tie them onto a rod or door dangle them from a door handle and let your cats swat away~

Knit Patterns


By: Yarnspirations design studio

While not necessarily valentines themed, these cat toys are adorable and would make a gift your kitty would love which is really what the holiday is about! If you really wanted it to fit the theme, colors can always be adjusted, or certain worms left out.

Henpecked Hood

By: Ruth Nguyen

As someone with chickens, this hood is not only adorable it can be useful too! Hens like to bully each other to find the pecking order, and sometimes it can get out of hand. This hood protects the bullied hen from getting too hurt, while also being stinking adorable! If you want to make this hood Valentine’s themed for your gals, I’d opt for a light pink, since birds are attracted to red and like to peck it.

Puppy Love Sweater

By: Red Heart Design Team

You can’t have a pet Valentine’s pattern section and not have at least one cute heart sweater for your pup! I chose this one because the little heart details are adorable, but also because of the wider range of sizes. It can fit a chest from 10 inches up to 17inches.


Crochet Patterns

Crochet Gingham Heart Baby Sweater

By: Daisy Farm Crafts

I absolutely LOVED this as soon as I saw it! I immediately put down the project I was working on and started it. This is a super simple and easy pattern to follow! It was also very easy to customize (see my take below!). If you are looking to make a sweater for your baby girl to wear for Valentine’s Day I highly recommend making this one! Just be aware that there are quite a few color changes when working the heart, but if you are not comfortable with such work yet you can make the heart in a solid color!

Baby Heart Mittens Valentine’s Day Project

By: One Dog Woof

Ok…. coincidentally I found these adorable mittens that would go perfectly as an accessory to my heart sweater tunic! The pattern looks very easy to follow and I can’t wait to make a set myself! The creator also shows how to make the pompoms so no need to search elsewhere. This pattern does involve color changing so be sure you know how to do so before you get started.

Free Pattern: Crochet Valentine Heart Earflap Hat

By: Classy Crochet

I am obsessed with hearts this Valentine’s season! I think heart patterns are the perfect way to go for your little one around this time of year! This striped hat with heart shaped earflaps would be wonderful to keep your little one’s ears warm during the cold of February! I think the heart earflaps give a unique look to an otherwise standard hat.

Valentine’s Day Mini Treat Bags

By: Blackstones Designs

I remember from my time in school that we would exchange valentines with classmates…Well if this still happens I think this is an adorable way to share! These can still be used after gifting by the children making it something that any family/child would appreciate!


By: Yarnspirations

I absolutely love that this pattern uses X’s and O’s for hugs and kisses! It is such a creative way to incorporate love into the blanket for your little one! The color can definitely be switched up for a baby boy too! Just be aware this is an intermediate pattern!

Knit Patterns

rose aux joues

By: Sandrine Bianco

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this pattern. I love it because it is adorable, so very pretty, and comes in a wide range of sizes. And I hate it because the English translation is borderline terrible, instructions are very unclear, and the stitch pattern the bulk of the bonnet is in is enough to toss your needles at a wall. However, I will absolutely make this again in a heartbeat! I made this bonnet in a rose set this past summer and it came out better then I possibly could have imagined! All the frustration is 100% worth it!

Love the Winter Hat

By: Emily Dormier

I thought this was an adorable pattern that would be cute on a little boy or girl. Size ranges from baby all the way up to adult large, so you could always make one for the whole family!


By: Rachel Søgaard

I am absolutely in LOVE with any Scandinavian or Dutch patterns. Recently, Filcolana has become one of my new found favorites for patterns! I previously have made the Arni romper for my son, but I just found the female dress version of this pattern, the Ava! I am absolutely in love with the style of the Arni, and the Ava has all the same design elements and details I love about it, without the hassle of having to make leg holes!

Classic Baby Cardigan

By: Yarnspirations design studio

The lace on the girl version of this cardigan screams Valentine’s to me. And while the boy version doesn’t have quite the same Valentine feel, it’s still way too cute not to include! I love that this pattern is basically two in one and also comes in a wide range of sizes for your little one.

Baby Ballet Booties

By: Adeline Too

You can’t get more festive then little ballet slippers! Just slap a rose, heart or bow on here and your little girl is set to go! I made these slippers for the rose set and they are absolutely ADORABLE! The mother sent me photos of her daughter wearing everything and gave me permission to share it. I literally can’t get enough of her little feet!

Bows Before Bros

By: Carrie Briggs

I just found this pattern and and I cannot with how cute it is! First of all bows are still a huge fashion trend right now, and these are just really cute. They’re knit using a size one needle and fingering weight yarn, so they might be a bit tedious. However, there is no seaming since it’s worked in the round which is a huge plus for me!

Traffic Throw

By: Amy Bahrt

Now I know this isn’t in the slightest Valentine’s themed, but I am still going to make my case for including it. My two year old is in love with things that go, whether it be trains, cars or planes. If he got this for Valentine’s day let me tell you he would be one happy camper, and that really is what the holiday is about. It’s showing your loved ones how much you care and appreciate them. I think this is best done by giving them something you’ll know they’ll love, whether it’s heart themed or not!

Stuffed Toys

Crochet Patterns

Mini Love Elephant Amigurumi

By: DIY Fluffies

So so cute! This little elephant pattern is so sweet! I love that you can make it your own by using different yarn types, sizes and colors! If you are looking for an easy and quick amigurumi pattern to make for a Valentines gift, this is the way to go!

Valentin Bunny Amigurumi

By: Anisbee Anisbee

What cuties these bunnies are! This is a very simple pattern that I think even beginner crocheters can give a whirl! These would make a cute valentines gift for children all the way to coworkers!

Jojo the Mailman Bunny Amigurumi

By: Octopus Crochet

I know Valentine’s Day is a very feminine and girly holiday, with the pinks, reds and hearts galore, but this little mailman bunny would be PERFECT for a gift for your little one, who may not be into hearts! He is so cute and I love his little hat with his ears poking out!

Amigurumi Pattern: Kittens St. Valentine’s “Agatha & Argus”

By: Tarturumies

Love, love love~ These two are such a cute pair! I was reading the creator’s story behind them and found it was inspired by their very own cats. Not only that, these two have been used as part of weddings and gifts for loved ones, hiding rings even! With so much love behind them how can one not make Agatha and Argus for Valentine’s Day!

Knit Patterns

A Little Kindness Monster

By: Rachel Borello Carroll

As a mother with a son, I always like trying to find a little something for the boys too. This little love monster would make a perfect Valentine gift for any little one! I like it because it’s not the typical overly girly thing you tend to expect for the holiday and still is adorably cute!

Zoe Bunny

By: Patons

Speaking of girly and frilly… This ballet bunny checks all of the stereotypical Valentine’s boxes and would make a perfect gift for a special little girl!

Knit Zebra Toy

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

These zebras have been on my want to make list for a while. The colors are adjustable and while the white and pink striped one would be perfect for a Valentine’s gift, red or even blue and white stripes would still be adorable for a child “too cool” for pink.

For Her

Crochet Patterns

Cup of Love Coffee Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

By: Green Fox Farms Designs

I am all about practicality and these cozy’s are the perfect balance of cute and useful! This would make a cute valentine gift for anyone who enjoys coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or really any hot drink!

Realistic Crochet Flowers (Roses, Daffodils & Tulips)

By: HappyBerry

These flowers are the perfect valentines gift! Some people don’t like flowers just because they don’t want to care for them or they think they automatically kill them… These are the perfect solution! Not only will they not wilt, but they keep forever! It also is a great way to show you care because you HANDMADE them~


By: Yarnspirations

An intermediate crochet pattern that is just full of gorgeous cable work! I absolutely adore cables in a blanket but it does make it a bit more difficult so be prepared! This would make a wonderful gift for a loved one in your life and the subtle hearts made by the cables make it ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Knit Patterns

Valentine Headband

By: KnitQ

There is nothing quite like a good warm headband, and this one comes with the added touch of being perfectly in theme! You can customize it to any size and the cabling adds a lovely touch. This can be made in any color if you’re looking for a more subtle project. It would be such a cute gift to make for a friend group or family members!

Polstjärna – slippers

By: Ronja Hakalehto

As I’ve already mentioned, Scandinavian patterns, and especially colorwork, quite literally take my breath away. I might even be unhealthily obsessed… I have to say if someone gifted me a pair of these slippers I would have to be in a life debt to them, that’s how much I love them! If you wanted to make these more Valentine’s themed, colors can always be changed, but I think the pattern is absolutely stunning and fits perfectly!

Facial Scrubbies

By: Deborah West

These would make such a cute gift especially in a gift basket! I think it’s so much more creative then just giving a washcloth. They also look super easy to make and are really cute!

Dahlia Hair Tie Bow

By: Isabel Cecilia

In my opinion, this is the perfect tasteful bow. It is super feminine without being over the top, and would make such a lovely gift! Not to mention it is really simple to make.

Onigiri Pouch

By: Dhiany Nanda

In my search for a pretty purse or tote bag I came across this pattern and fell in love! I am a huge fan of this Asian snack themed drawstring bag, and think it would be such a perfect gift (or even gift bag)!

For Him

Crochet Patterns


By: Yarnspirations

This would be a perfect gift for the “him” in your life! The gorgeous red can honestly suit anyone! Meanwhile the basketweave stitch is s simple pattern and an easy way to add texture to the blanket! I actually made a similar blanket a year or so ago (see mine below)!

Knit Patterns

Manly Fingerless Gloves in Spud & Chloe Sweater

By: Spud & Chloe

Maybe it was the “manly” in the name, or maybe with having brothers who like to tinker, this pattern screamed Valentine’s gift to me. I don’t know what it is about warm finger tips, but some men just can’t seem to stand them… These fingerless gloves would be perfect for the man in your life who loves tinkering and needs his fingers free!

Bookmark Delfter Blue/Lesezeichen Delfter Blau

By: Sandra Jäger

This pattern would honestly be perfect for either the “him” or “her” in your life who loves to read. This beautiful bookmark has stunning colorwork and would be super easy to adapt to whatever color your heart desires (personally I love the blue though).

Rustik socks

By: Tania Barley

Socks are literally the perfect man gift. These socks are simple, straight to the point, yet still stylish. Perfect for the “him” you never know what to get. (This is great because you can adjust colors and gift for other holidays too!)

Nr 3 Doble tøfler

By: Liv Stangeland

Slippers are a fantastic gift to get for anyone! These simple slippers have the added bonus of being handmade, felted (which means extra durable), and are perfect for either men or women! The pattern comes in a range of sizes, and I can think of a bunch of ways embroidery or needle felting can be used to customize these perfectly!

Thank you for checking out our post on Valentines inspired free knit and crochet patterns! We hope you found a few that inspired you <3

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