I was recently tasked to design an adorable pink baby blanket for a gift and this lovely puff heart concept is what came about! As soon as I heard it had to be a pink frilly blanket, hearts came to mind with a shell ruffle border. I created the puff hearts design using Stitch Fiddle which is a wonderful online tool to create your own charts and graphs to follow when crocheting. I included the chart for everyone to reference if wanted, but also wrote out the entire pattern! This blanket is a quick workup due to the chunky yarn being used so if you are in a pinch and need a blanket to make fast this pattern is the way to go! I hope you everyone enjoys!

If you would like a pdf version you can download one here.


Yarn:   4 Skeins of Cozy Rosy Baby Bee Snugs and Kisses

            Weight: 6

Crochet Hook:  Size M


Note: a chart of the puff heart pattern is included on the last page.


R = row

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

hhdc = herringbone half double crochet

puff = puff stitch

() = repeat inside

X#= repeat stitch listed number of times shown (ex. ()x3 = repeat what is inside the parentheses 3 times)

Special Stitches

Puff Stitch: Yarn over, insert hook into st, yarn over pull up a loop, (yarn over, insert hook into same st, yarn over pull up a loop) 4 times. 11 loops on hook. Yarn over, and pull through all 11 loops on hook.

Herringbone Half Double Crochet: Yarn over, insert hook into st, yarn over, pull through st and first loop on hook, yarn over, pull through remaining two loops on hook.



(Note: each row of the blanket will end with a ch 2 and turn.)

Ch 85

R1:       hhdc in second ch from hook, hhdc across (84 stitches)

R2:       hhdc across

R3:       74 hhdc, puff, 9 hhdc

R4:       hhdc across

R5:       72 hhdc, puff, hhdc, puff, hhdc, puff, 7 hhdc

R6:       hhdc across

R7:       71 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3, puff, 6 hhdc

R8:       hhdc across

R9:       70 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x5, 4 hhdc

R10:     hhdc across

R11:     69 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x6, 3 hhdc

R12:     hhdc across

R13:     68 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x7, 2 hhdc

R14:     hhdc across

R15:     67 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x8, hhdc

R16:     hhdc across

R17:     68 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3, 2 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3, 2 hhdc

R18:     hhdc across

R19:     69 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x2, 4 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x2, 3 hhdc

R20-49: hhdc across (29 rows)

R50:     4 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x2, 4 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x2, hhdc across

R51:     hhdc across

R52:     3 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3,  2 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3, hhdc across

R53:     hhdc across

R54:     2 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x 8, hhdc across

R55:     hhdc across

R56:     3 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x 7, hhdc across

R57:     hhdc across

R58:     4 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x6, hhdc across

R59:     hhdc across

R60:     5 hhdc, (puff, hdc)x5, hhdc across

R61:     hhdc across

R62:     6 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x4, hhdc across

R63:     hhdc across

R64:     7 hhdc, (puff, hhdc)x3, hhdc across

R65:     hhdc across

R66:     9 hhdc, puff, hhdc across

R67-68: hhdc across (2 rows)

Do not finish off.


R1:       Ch 1, sc across, 3 sc in corner, sc evenly across side, 3 sc in corner, sc across, sc evenly across side, sc 3 in corner, sl st to first stitch.

R2:       Ch 1, sc in same st, hdc, ((dc, tc, dc) in same st), hdc, sc, *(sc, hdc, ((dc, tc, dc) in same st), hdc, sc)*, sl st to first st.

Note: repeat from * to * all the way around

Finish off.


Let me know how your own crocheting journey went when creating this blanket! I would love to hear everyone’s feedback!

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