As crocheters sometimes a simple pattern is needed to reset and quiet our minds – Or even allow us some calm thinking time while our hands are kept busy – Or maybe you’re new to the crochet world and need some easy patterns to get you started! Well, the following free patterns are ones that I have found to be super simple and easy to understand – So give them a try!

Beginner Herringbone Half Stitch Blanket

By Daisy Farm Crafts

The herringbone half double crochet (HHDC) stitch is SUPER easy to learn and can be applied beautifully to blankets as pictured above! HHDC stitch is a mindless stitch once you learn it and can be a great way to relax yourself while you crochet. This blanket pattern is super easy to follow and even modify to create your own twist! I used this pattern previously and slightly modified it to make the baby blanket pictured below.

For those of you unfamiliar with the herringbone half double crochet stitch, the stitch is: yarn over, insert your hook, yarn over, pull up a loop and pull directly through the first loop on your hook, then yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops.

Hello Sunshine Baby Blanket

By Lee Knits Patterns

This blanket pattern is such a breeze! Made of double crochet and slip stitches it could not be easier! Honestly, this is also a great introduction to what a c2c pattern is made up of and would be an easy first step to take before going full blown to one of those patterns (I absolutely love c2c patterns so will definitely be posting about them someday!). Back to the pattern at hand, simple color blocking gives it a pretty look along with its simple textured look. This was a VERY quick workup for me and as it’s a simple repeat pattern, it was also super nice to do while watching my shows (no thinking necessary once you get the repeat down!). My variation of the pattern is below.


By Patons

So this pattern was actually the first clothing item (other then hats and scarves) that I ever made! During our Summer Knochet Challenge, Adira challenged me during one of the prompts to make this adorable little sweater dress and berret set (she knew there was no way I would ever attempt clothing on my own….). It turned out to be absolutely manageable and I succeeded with little trouble even though it was my first attempt! If you are on the edge about trying baby clothing I totally recommend giving this pattern a go! Reading the pattern was not too difficult either! And you can modify the look very easily – I took some liberty with the pockets and made some bunny appliques in place of the hearts and changed the color scheme (you can see my variation below)! this pattern also provides various sizing options for you to choose to follow so it can be made for most babies!

Baby Boy Cardigan Pattern, Huckleberry Cardigan

By Crochetdreamz

Isn’t this baby boy cardigan just oh so precious? It was a super easy workup made up of two pieces (body/arms & collar) crocheted flat and then sewn together using a whip stitch! I truly recommend this pattern for anyone looking to try clothing but is hesitant to do so! Since it’s worked flat it’s almost like your just making simple squares and rectangles! And don’t worry, the texture on the collar is using a simple back loop stitch only, so nothing fancy but it still gives it the super cozy look. What is also awesome about this pattern is that the creator provides multiple sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 3/4 years! My version is below~

Easy Striped Crochet Baby Hat

By Dabbles and Babbles

This pattern is super easy and comes out adorably! I am not usually a fan of hat patterns as I tend to have difficulty matching the sizing (I tend to crochet too loosely!). But with this pattern I was actually able to match the correct sizes without difficulty. The free pattern is offered in two sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. The stripes give it a pop of color and the ribbed edging gives a wonderful texture to an otherwise simple pattern. Definitely check this pattern out if you are looking to crochet a baby hat – perfect for gift giving! I decided to make a few versions of this in evergreen and cream colors for the winter season this year.

Cute Bunny Amigurumi in Dress

By Amiguroom Toys

So Cute! This is one of the first amigurumi patterns I ever attempted and it ended up being so easy to crochet! Amiguroom Toys is one of my favorite places to go for free amigurumi patterns because, not only do they have adorable creations, but they also provide such great and clear instructions to follow. If you are new to amigurumi making I certainly recommend this site and specifically this pattern! My version is below (as is the theme – I tend to make slight variations when I make mine to cater to who I am crocheting for~).

Amigurumi Scarecrow Cat and Crow Pattern

By Angie at Enchanted-Ladybug

I know its fall themed…. but the base cat pattern can definitely be adapted in anyway you want to match whatever theme you want! This was a SUPER easy pattern that is just worked in the round and only requires sewing the ears and tail – simple right? I absolutely love this pattern and have now used it to inspire multiple of my creations (below for reference ;) ). I truly recommend this pattern to anyone new to amigurumi. Since it doesn’t even have arms or legs it is a great introduction pattern so you can nail down working in the round first by focusing on the head and body! If you are an experienced crocheter, this is a great pattern to whip out multiple of pretty quickly (maybe you are making for twins)! All in all a wonderfully easy free pattern!

I hope you give these free and easy patterns a whirl and enjoy! I absolutely loved giving shoutouts to these creators and will definitely have another similar post in the future (maybe for more advanced patterns)!

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