I absolutely loved this Doli Dress made by The Moule Hole when I saw it. I was looking for a free pattern I could adapt, and this dress was perfect for it! The creator offers sizes all the way from newborn to 2T. The frilly sleeves are absolutely adorable and the beginning/top portion of the dress was laid out in very easy to follow steps. Once you join the sleeves and reach the skirt portion of this pattern, it gets even easier, if you can believe it! The skirt is essentially made up of all half double crochets to the length needed for each size. Then there is a cute simple edging (two rows) made up of half double crochets and chaining.

All in all, this pattern is definitely worth the time and effort to crochet if you are looking for a beautiful dress for a little one!


I wanted to make something unique for my upcoming craft fair, so I began to brainstorm on some summer themes to adapt a baby dress too. I of course thought of the more popular themes such as fruit, ice cream, or the beach/ocean, but, as I said, I wanted to make something more unique! This is when I noticed how beautiful the blue sky and fluffy white clouds were that day and that sealed the deal-I decided to make a sky themed baby dress!

I first decided I would make the clouds out of puff stitches to give it the poofy effect and then got to work on designing the chart to follow. I used stitchfiddle, an online free tool to create your own crochet charts. I attempted multiple times to create a chart that would translate well to clouds and finally decided to use the one I include below.

As I started to crochet the skirt based on the chart, I realized that due to the overwhelming number of puff stitches being used, the dress was becoming heavier and heavier, so I decided to cut the dress short, along with cutting out another set of clouds, and crochet some white bloomers to go with it! (The bloomers are still in progress, but I will update everyone here when they are done so you can see the set together.)

All of the supplies and information to make the cloud design on the 6 month sized dress skirt is below!


Yarn:   3 Skeins of Blue Lion Brand Truboo Yarn

            2 Skeins of White Lion Brand Truboo Yarn

            Weight: 3

Crochet Hook:  G (4 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge (based on the Moule Hole pattern)




R = row

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

B = using blue yarn, half double crochet

W = using white yarn, puff stitch

Bà = repeat blue half double crochets across

#B/#W = do the # of stitches listed using the designated color yarn and corresponding stitch type (ex. 5B = do 5 blue half double crochets, 20W = do 20 white puff stitches)


Half Double Crochet: yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through three loops on hook.

Puff Stitch: Yarn over, insert hook into st, yarn over pull up a loop, (yarn over, insert hook into same st, yarn over pull up a loop) 4 times. 11 loops on hook. Yarn over, and pull through all 11 loops on hook.



  • Adaption starts after joining sleeves/yoke and after the first row of the skirt.
  • Each row is ended with a sl st to the first st made, ch2, and turn. Skip sl st and begin row in next st.


Written Instructions:

R1: 53B, 2W, 8B, Bà

R2: 51B, 8W, 5B, 4W, Bà

R3: 49B, 2W, 1B, 18W, Bà

R4: 20B, 5W, 1B, 4W, 20B, 23W, Bà

R5: 46B, 24W, 19B, 13W, Bà

R6: 17B, 14W, 19B, 25W, Bà

R7: 45B, 24W, 20B, 15W, Bà

R8: 16B, 15W, 11B, 5W, 7B, 22W, 13B, 4W, 9B, 5W, Bà

R9: 12B, 11W, 3B, 6W, 13B, 21W, 6B, 7W, 8B, 20W, Bà

R10: 13B, 21W, 3B, 3W, 1B, 9W, 6B, 16W, 12B, 11W, 1B, 12W, Bà

R11: 11B, 13W, 1B, 13W, 11B, 4W, 1B, 9W, 6B, 15W, 2B, 22W, Bà

R12: 12B, 39W, 7B, 7W, 11B, 4W, 2B, 27W, Bà

R13: 11B, 36W, 10B, 3W, 9B,39W, Bà

R14: 12B, 39W, 21B, 38W, Bà

R15: 10B, 39W, 21B, 40W, Bà

R16: 9B, 43W, 19B, 40W, Bà

R17: 9B, 40W, 19B, 43W, Bà

R18: 7B, 45W, 17B, 41W, Bà

R19: 5B, 47W, 14B, 48W, Bà

R20: 3B, 54W, 11B, 48W, Bà

R21: 4B, 48W, 12B, 49W, Bà

R22: 7B, 55W, 10B, 54W, Bà

R23: 4B, 53W, 12B, 9W, 1B, 21W, 2B, 7W, 1B, 1W, Bà

R24: 13B, 3W, 5B, 2W, 1B, 16W, 4B, 5W, 19B, 8W, 1B, 35W, Bà

R25: 9B, 11W, 1B, 21W, 40B, 7W, 2B, 4W, Bà

R26: 81B, 18W, 2B, 7W, Bà

R27: 29B, 3W, Bà

R28- desired length:  Bà

Once you reach desired length go back to original pattern for edging!


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