Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! In honor of the holidays we wanted to share some of our favorite holiday patterns that we have made this season. These are all tried-and-true by us, and we had a great time making them! We plan as the years go on, we’ll be able to add to this list but for now only have three categories. We have each category split between crochet patterns and knit ones.


Crochet Patterns

Crochet Poinsettia Pattern – Christmas Flower Ornament

By: Desert Blossom Crafts

This pattern is super easy and so versatile! I was able to change up the yarn to work bigger flowers and smaller ones that were all absolutely adorable. As this was a quick workup, I was able to make so many for my coworkers for gift giving. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make quick easy holiday ornaments!

Tassel Stars

By: Annie Design Crochet

A unique Ornament pattern for any tree! The creator showcases all the different color possibilities in the image above. I made more traditional Christmas colors for mine, but this is the perfect Ornament to make for anyone as you can mix and match colors to suit the individual person or tree! This was another quick and simple pattern to follow and is definitely suited to even beginners.

Simple Snowflake

By: Stitches n Scraps

VERY, VERY, VERY easy and fast! Honestly, this was the pattern I made the most of for my holiday craft fairs and gift giving ornaments. It became second nature and I could crochet so many in little time! This pattern is beginner friendly and would look great on any tree. I made mine in velvet yarn to give it a more fuzzy snowy feeling!

Crochet Mini Stockings Christmas Ornaments

By: Sewrella

CUTE! When I saw this pattern I just knew I had to give it a shot! The pattern was very clear and easy to understand, but I modified the corner color change part on mine so I wouldn’t have to have multiple ends. 😅 I also made them a bit bigger, but that ended up being more time consuming. If you want something quicker definitely keep it small and follow the exact number of rows. This was a favorite of my coworkers when I gave them out!

Cute and Cozy Crochet Coasters

By: Briana K Designs

Stunning! When I saw these I just HAD HAD HAD to make them! There was a lot of color work/changing in various ways involved but it was absolutely worth the work! They took me maybe about an hour each (including the fringe). The deer was for sure the easiest of the three. The creator included both written instructions and charts for each! I tried both ways and preferred working from the chart believe it or not, so don’t hesitate to try both ways either to see which you feel is easiest for you! I made an extra deer one in green to make it a four piece set (see below)!

Christmas Tree Coaster and Crochet Snowflake Coaster

By: My Crochet Space

Ok, after the first “mug rugs” above I went down a whole of obsession…. I found these three patterns and made even more! I must have made 15 total by the end of my binge! Frightening what obsession makes you do!

This creator also included both written instructions and the charts for each and once again I found the chart was the easier to follow. These were interesting as it was made in one direction with no turning. You worked the chain and the first row across and then FINISHED OFF (yes, you finish and cut the yarn). You are then to go back to the first stitch of the first row and work your second row across based on the pattern and repeat finishing off and so on! An interesting concept indeed! Definitely give it a try yourself!

Knit Patterns

Wee, Little Trees

I absolutely loved how this pattern turned out! Though I was skeptical at first, because the trees are made as just a cone, you either have to glue or so a base on when you’re finished. I have tried a bunch of tree patterns and this one by far turned out the best! It keeps its shape well, it really looks like a tree, and has three different sizes. For my trees I blanket stitched a felt base on after stuffing and I absolutely love the look of it! Definitely my go to tree pattern for future holidays!

Christmas Stockings

This stocking pattern is a recent find, and the stockings work up so cute! My favorite thing about it is that it is like a little booty, so you could potentially put little things in there. One of my sisters was always obsessed with dolls and accessorizing and decorating for them, and these stockings made me think of her. They would make the PERFECT doll Christmas stocking you could actually put goodies in! Only complaint is that the pattern is worked flat and I despise seaming, but the pattern would be fairly easy to modify and work in the round.

Wee Tree

If you’re looking for a fast and breezy pattern, this is the tree pattern to try. While I love the first tree pattern, this one is just too quick and easy to ignore. They make cute little decorations and work up in a single piece. Pattern takes no more then 2 hours, and you stuff as you go. Great quick and easy holiday pattern and a great way to use up scrap yarn!

Hats & Sweaters

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Christmas Baby Sweater

By: Daisy Farm Crafts

This little Santa jacket had to be my favorite holiday pattern to try so far! I absolutely loved the way it came out! Although the pattern is for a 3 month old there is a sizing chart to modify the pattern up to 24 months. The pattern is beginner friendly for anyone new to crocheting clothing (like me!). I even made some booties to match this adorable sweater. ❤️

Free Crochet Elf Hat Pattern (With Ears!)

By: Make & Do Crew

An elf hat for all ages! I focused on baby sizes and kept it simple and forewent the striping as well as left off the ears. The hat pattern was super simple and once I made one, I was able to make the second with little reference to the pattern due to how straightforward it was! I loved the extra length and hang of this hat and it made a perfect gift for someone who was visiting their 6 month old granddaughter for Christmas!

FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps

By: Lisa Auch Crochet

Such an adorable little hat! This pattern is for 0-3 months, however there is a similar aviator hat pattern on the creators website that gives sizing from newborn to toddler that would be easy to apply to this pattern as well. It was easily adapted to be holiday-ish too! I just choose to use red yarn and white fluffy yarn around the brim and ear flaps and “wa-la”- its a holiday hat!

Knit Patterns

Cutie Pointed Hat

While this pattern isn’t necessarily Christmas, it can easily be turned into a festive one. I knit this up in a red and candy cane marled yarn that turned out adorably! Something about elf-like pointy hats just scream holiday to me, and I love how this pattern worked up.

Holiday Elf

This cute little elf hat turned out more as a floppy sock hat when I worked it up. Although it didn’t turn out how I had hoped from the photo, this floppy hat still turned out very cute, and very festive.

Stuffed Toys/Amigurumi

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Owl Ornament

By: The Loopy Lamb

Super fun idea for a Christmas tree or even as a desk friend! The pattern was easy to follow and a good introduction to amigurumi/stuffed animal crocheting. I modified the wings so they were crocheted as part of the body rather than separate pieces which made it easier for me (I hate sewing!). I received many compliments on the ones I made and kids seemed to especially like them!

Crochet Chubby Penguin

By: Rose & Lily Amigurumi

A more difficult pattern than the owl with the color changes but the pattern was well laid out and easy to follow. I am more experienced with color changes so it was not difficult at all! Also, I made the wings as one with the body to avoid sewing but I think it would have been better separate in this case so I recommend following the pattern in this regard. I also used a much thinner yarn that made my penguin less chubby (still cute in my opinion though).

Knit Patterns

Christmas Cork Elves & Pals

I love love love this little pattern! There are so many variation options that are included in these Christmas people’s construction. They can be made to be stand-alone decorations using wine corks (with options to make in the round or flat) or hanging decorations with a more rounded shape (also options for making in the round or flat). The hats and scarves are made separate, and I love the mix and match accessorizing options as everything is removable! Next time I make these, I am definitely adding hair and maybe some faces to make them even more unique!

Let us know what your favorite holiday patterns are in the comments. Also tell us your experience with any of our favorites, and what you think. We would love to expand this list, so we look forward to recommendations and suggestions from you!

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