Summer time is a difficult time of year for yarn artists everywhere. Between it being much too hot to work on anything big, and it just being a sluggish time of year. We hopefully have some season appropriate projects that will keep you creative through the summer! Enjoy these best free knit and crochet summer projects for the whole family and let us know which ones you’re excited to try!

There are plenty of projects that can be adapted to the season by using a lightweight cotton, or bamboo. No one wants to be sweating onto their projects, or wearing it as a heavy blanket as you work. Bamboo is one of the best materials for summer time, both to wear and to work with.

Best Free Knit and Crochet Summer Projects for the Whole Family

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Crochet Baby Boho Sundress

By: Daisy Farm Crafts

This granny square boho sundress is absolutely adorable! The free pattern is for a 6-9 month size, but the creator shares some tips on how to make the dress in larger sizes. The string tie back and adjustable straps also allow for the dress to “grow” with the baby so it fits a bit longer on your little one, even turning into a gorgeous summer top instead of a dress! The pattern was super easy to follow and understand too! I myself just had to make it as soon as I saw it and my finished piece is below.

Sweet Summer Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

By: Lisa Auch Crochet

Another adorable free crochet baby dress pattern! This pattern is probably one of the easiest I have ever followed for a baby dress. I made one as a gift for a coworker who just had their baby in April as the pattern is for a 1-3 month old (see below). I definitely recommend this pattern for beginners looking to be introduced into crochet clothing!

Baby Shark Sun Hat Eyes (All Sizes)

By: Jo to the world

Baby shark…. Just too cute! This little hat will keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes and bring a nice summer and beach vibe out! The creator actually provides sizes for the hat in baby, toddler and child, so you can make it for any little one.


By: Adore Crea

This baby sun hat is super duper cute! The free version is sized for 3-6 months. I just absolutely love the simple stitch of a criss cross double crochet used to create the wonderful texture seen! AND THE FRILL BRIM~ need I say more? This pattern is another super simple one and I actually memorized it after completing my first one and was able to make 2 more without even having to go back to the pattern (my versions below).

Preemie Milan Romper & Preemie Alpine Romper

By: Baby Crochet Designs

It is preemie time~ I just love Baby Crochet Design’s preemie patterns. The patterns are adorable, practicable, and super easy to crochet! There are always wonderful textures involved giving some pop to the finished piece. I have made two of the preemie rompers available on their website and I loved the way they both came out (see below). The rompers are perfect for the upcoming summer season!

Puff Stitch Crochet Toddler Dress Free Pattern

By: Winding Road Crochet

Tis the season for dresses now that Summer is on its way! This colorful puff halter dress is just PERFECT for the warmer weather! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and the puff accents bring a bit of something extra to the dress. The creator gives directions for the sizes of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. I think the dress would look adorable over a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt as well making it wearable in multiple seasons~super versatile!

Free Crochet Baby & Toddler Dress Pattern: The Doli Dress

By: The Moule Hole

This dress was super easy to make! I was even able to add some cloud designs to it (see below). I love the frilly sleeves and the simple shift dress look! The creator gives sizing all the way from 0-6 months to 9-10 years! Absolutely wonderful in that the dress can be made for babies and children-perhaps matching dresses for sisters?

Crochet Bloomers

By: Peach&Paige

Bloomers are just perfect for any little one for the summer season! This creator even offers sizing from Newborn all the way to 2 years! The pattern also allows for an addition of an elastic band to ensure fit. I did not have one, however I added a drawstring tie to ensure they will stay up on the baby I made them for! I have to say I love any cable work and this pattern does not disappoint! I had no trouble following the directions with the pictures provided by the creator, though once the decreases near the leg holes began, it did become a bit confusing. BUT, they came out adorable regardless, I think (see mine below)!


By: Adore Crea

This Iris stitched dress just screams summer with its flower looking stitch! The free pattern is for size 3-6 months. The pattern was simple and the finished product is another adorable baby dress!


By: Yarnspirations

I have now made this bucket hat multiple times because of its simplicity and super cute look (see below). This is for a 6-12 month old size only, but if you were to use larger yarn, I believe it can be adapted for a bigger little one!


By: Yarnspirations

This granny square romper is perfect for summer! The granny square front is super cute and the back features criss cross straps! The pattern was easy to follow too.


By: Adore Crea

This adorable romper is another summer staple for a little one! The only free size is for 0-2 months, but if you are willing to pay, the sizing goes up to 12 months. I always love crochet pieces with texture and this one has some wonderful texture using the lemon peel stitch and back loop work for the edge work. The pattern was very easy to follow and is a good beginner friendly pattern.



by: Rachel Søgaard

This is one of my all time favorite patterns and my oldest just grew out of the largest size! :'( The pattern is well written and very easy. This was the first clothing item I made and it was very easy to follow.

Baby Boy (or girl) Sun Hat

By: Bobbi S

This hat is very cute and I can’t wait to make a whole bunch of them! I especially love that sizing goes up to 6 months so some wear can definitely be gotten in. As a mother of two boys, its also nice to have a pattern that can work for either a girl or boy.

Summer Hat

By: Hobbii

Now this pattern is definitely a free one… It is not very well written, and definitely leaves gaps in instruction where you have to figure it out. What I do love about it, is the range of sizes (nb-24 months) and that you can customize it for a girl or a boy.

Summer Vibes baby dress

By: Moodhi

This dress is stunning! For a free pattern, this attention to detail is incredible! Finding this pattern sent me on a short quest to find other Arabic patterns (sadly few ones also in English) because the lacework and composition is unmatched in my opinion!

Watermelon Baby Hat and Watermelon Baby Cardigan

By Stitchylinda Designs

Nothing says summer like watermelons! This is currently my favorite pattern! You can find my full review of it here! Honestly it works up so fast and smoothly. I’m already on my second cardigan and third hat!

s28-3 Little Mate

By DROPS Design

A simple yet adorable knit great for little boys, or if you’re just looking for a more minimalistic shirt pattern.

Acerola Baby Dress / Toddler and Child Tank

By: Tonya Wagner

I was very impressed when I found this pattern. First off at the huge range of sizes (3 m to 5t), and then also gives you instructions on how to make it either a shirt or a dress! It’s a very simple construction, but looks adorable!

Kesäloma (Summer Holiday) knitted shorts

By: Novita

While these shorts may look very simple, there are so many ways to make them your own! Perfect minimalistic pattern for little boys or girls. I read one woman made them for ballet warm up shorts for her granddaughter, which sounds like such a good idea!

Clarckei Kids

By: Marie Amelie Designs

Thsi shirt is STUNNING! I adore the shape and everything about it!Perfect for summer weather especially if worked in a soft cotton. Available in sizes 2t all the way to 12!

Kiddie Cadet

By: Alice

An adorable summer hat pattern perfect for boys! It comes in a variety of sizes and is simple enough to customize to whatever size you desire!



DIY Stuffed Beach Ball: Crochet Ball Pattern

By: Persia Lou

It is beach ball season! This would be an adorable gift for a little one for the upcoming summer season! Bring a bit of beach fun to the indoors with this crochet beach ball~

Ice Cream Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

By: StringyDingDing

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!” Isn’t this ice cream cone amigurumi just too cute!? I love that boot scoops have little faces, and the dollop of whipped cream and cherry on top just brings it all together! (Now I want to go out for some ice cream… anyone else?)

Bubbles and Goldfish Teether Crochet Pattern

By: One Dog Woof

This is a great gift idea for any baby due in the summer season! I love that it is both adorable and works as a teether for a baby!

GIANT Bee Crochet Pattern – FREE

By: The Knochet Niche

Ok… Summer means bugs… which most people don’t like about the season, but CROCHET bugs are great to me! This adorable bee is super soft being made in velvet yarn and is super large! The pattern is super simple and great for beginners! Give it a shot!

Crochet seagull amigurumi pattern

By: Amiguroom Toys

I feel like sometimes seagulls get a bad rap because they always want the food we have but to me they are a standard part of summer and spending time on the beach! Isn’t this seagull amigurumi adorable? I think so! I love his little hat and knotted legs!

Peacock Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

By: StringyDingDing

AWW, baby peacock! Super cute! I love the way the feathers were done on this little guy! You don’t often see peacocks as a popular crochet animal so I had to include this little guy here!

Free Squid Crochet Pattern

By: The Knochet Niche

Summer is definitely the season to focus on sea creatures and this little squid is perfect for that!

Crochet Jellyfish

By: One Dog Woof

Another sea creature for everyone to make for the summer season are jellyfish! This pattern is super simple and the finished product is super cute! Just look at all those curly tentacles~


Knitted watermelon

By: Elaine Simper

This would make an adorable accessory, key chain, or just an sweet addition to a knit kitchen.

Sushi Fishy

By: Tanya Klowden

Such a cute little food pattern. You can play with the fish and then flipping it inside out turns it into a little sushi roll!

Mermaid doll

By: Virginie Lykins

A Cute and simple doll pattern perfect for beginners! I feel like mermaids are perfect for the summer time!

Bernard Bee

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Bees are common summer stuffy that I’ve seen at almost every craft fair I’ve attended. It’s a perfect quick and easy knit project, and who doesn’t love bees?

Fruity Friends

by: Amanda Berry

If you want to make a full fruit play set, this pattern is the way to go!




By: Yarnspirations

Summer is the season for beautiful flowers and this creator shares some wonderful ideas to spruce up some handy mason jars to decorate your space with gorgeous blooming flowers!

Sirius the Crochet Star Pillow

By: One Dog Woof

Sirius the Starfish pillow is a great idea to bring some summer vibes into your home! Decorate your living space or bedroom with this cute starfish!


By: Yarnspirations

Looking for some themed coasters for a summer party you are throwing? Well look no further as these adorable citrus coasters are the way to go!


By: Raffamusa Designs

Back to some ice cream fun! Appliques are a great way to add some unique designs to clothing or blankets and this ice cream cone is a great way to bring about a summer feeling!

Free Crochet Pineapple Pattern

By: Easy Crochet

Tropical vibes are here with this super easy pineapple applique! Add it to a summer dress for some extra fun! Or perhaps add it to one of the market bag patterns listed further down!


By: Make & Do Crew

It is coming to the season of lavender blooming and if you have some handy, this is a great way to put them to use! Dry out some lavender flowers to place in this sachet for some calming effects~

Crochet Gerbera Free Pattern

By: Hook OK

Daisy’s are in bloom with Summer here and if you want to bring some eternal bloom indoors, crochet flowers are the way to go! And with Mother’s day coming up hand crocheted flowers would make a wonder everlasting gift! I made one (below) for my mother for this year’s Mother Day and she absolutely loved it! The website linked above in the title, provides many more free patterns for a variety of flowers so I am sure you can find any favorites!

Summer Breeze Tapestry Crochet Cushion

By: Bella Coco Crochet

This pillow is super cute! I love the color and shape work and I think it brings a nice summer feel to the living space.

Coastal Castaway Crochet Cushion

By: Made Up Style

As the title implies, this pattern for a pillow definitely gives a feel like a coastal getaway!


The I Love Me Daisy

By: Natasha Hanson

Such a cute little flower pattern to add a bit of homemade charm to your home!

Slice of Citrus Coaster

By: Elissa Brown

These adorable citrus coasters definitely bring a touch of summertime brightness inside. They look so well constructed and pretty!


By: Amanda Berry

Another adorable flower that would make a beautiful addition to your home!




By: Make & Do Crochet

I am 100% going to give this pattern a shot! A super creative way to make your very own adorable sandals at home!

Not Your Granny;s Beach Bag (Free Crochet Pattern)

By: Yarnique

Summer calls for beach going and going to the beach requires a beach bag! This crochet bag is a great solution! Make your very own beach bag rather than buying one! The chevron work is super cute too!

Crochet Desert Sun Hat Free Pattern

By: Gleeful Things

Need to block out the sun in the summer? Well this easy sun hat pattern is for you!


By: Make & Do Crochet

I just had to share this other adorable sandal pattern I found! I definitely will be making my own crochet sandals this year and now there are multiple options to choose from!

Kanata Kerchief Tank

By: Jennifer Ozses

This is a cute tank/cami pattern that I think is perfect for summer time! I can imagine going to the beach in this!


By: Make & Do Crochet

If you aren’t into the large brimmed sun hats, than this bucket hat is the way to go! You can also match your little one if you crochet this adult hat for yourself and then use the baby bucket hat pattern from above for your little one!

Wander Striped Crochet Tank Top Free Pattern

By: The Knotted Nest

Another tank top crochet pattern that is perfect for summer! Super casual and a simple pattern this is perfect perhaps for traipsing to the farmers market!


By: Make & Do Crochet

The fringe and almost dream catcher and boho look of this bag is super summery!

Ostara Crochet Vest

By: Calm Homemade

This checkered vest is delightful looking! I am a bit hesitant to make all the squares involved but for those of you who enjoy making small pieces and then sewing them together for the larger finished product, this pattern is for you!

FREE Crochet Pattern – Sundown Market Bag

By: Bella Coco Crochet

Summer means… farmers markets! It is finally the season when there is an abundance of fresh produce for you to browse at markets! And to have a successful trip, you need a market bag to carry all of your goodies in! This market bag is just perfect for this!



By: Rachel Søgaard

This lovely tank top merges the image of ballerina and the circus to me. Elegantly minimal while still including some fun with the texture. Available for free in sizes small to xl.

Vamos a la Playa!

By: Jenni Konrad

Such a cute idea for carrying your rolled up object of choice! Perfect for a yoga mat, picnic blanket, or beach towel.

The Market Bag

By: Devina Choy

Of all the market bags, this one is the one that looks like, (at least in my mind) the original. I feel like you can’t get anymore market bag then this bag. Beautiful lacy bag that’s still sturdy enough for all your groceries!


By: Cirilia Rose

A stylish hair handkerchief perfect for summertime. I love the bead border detail. I have had this project on my want to

Beer (or Soda) Cozy

By: Kat Perdue

This is a good base pattern for a beer cozy, a perfect gift for men in the summer. There are many ways to embellish upon this, I saw one person made the Patriots football logo on theirs, doing this would make a great gift for any sports fan!


By: Anne Kuo Lukito

Such a classic look! This hat I learned is called an English driving hat. I love the style of this hat and I think this is the first free pattern I’ve seen for it.

Slåtter – tee

By: Stine HoelgaardJohansen

This baggy t-shirt pattern is simple yet fashionable. I love the shape on it and think this would make a great addition to any man’s summer wardrobe!



Summer in Swanage Crochet Blanket Pattern

By: Look at What I Made

Look at all of the colors! They all bring together a summery beachy look somehow in this gorgeous blanket! I have a housewarming coming up and I think I just may use this pattern to make a gift for the new house owners!

The Perfect Summer Crochet Blanket FREE Pattern – The Fishnet Throw

By: One Little Hook

This lightweight throw blanket is perfect to throw on your couch during the summer months for use on chilly summer evenings! The fishnet work gives it the lightweight feeling and the fringe gives it a bit extra of the summer vibes! I would make this for myself, if only I didn’t have dog paws with claws that would stick in the holes!


Patchwork Blanket

By: Patons

Patchwork has made a comeback as a fashion trend and this blanket I think, fits the season and the trend. This would make an adorable picnic blanket!

We hope you enjoyed browsing these fabulous free summer crochet and knit patterns and that you found something that inspired you! Share with us your favorite summer patterns in the comments section~

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