With Spring officially here, and Easter right around the corner, we think it’s the perfect time to drop our Easter and spring free pattern list. Some of these we have made, and some are still on our want-to-make list. For the items we have made, we will include a picture of our version below the excerpt. This way you all can see just how adorable it came out!

With the sun setting later, there’s more time in the day to sink your crafting teeth into a new project! We hope that whether you crochet or knit, you can find your next project here! Let us know if we missed your favorite Spring/Easter free pattern, or share your experience trying any of the patterns we have listed!


Crochet Patterns

Easter chicken with bunny ears

By: Zenknit

Does this guy remind anyone else of the Cadbury Bunny contest that happens each year!? When I saw him I immediately thought of this contest where animals are dressed up as a bunny to promote Cadbury eggs for easter. I think he is the perfect combination of Spring and Easter being a chick dressed as a bunny!

Amigurumi Spring Bunny


Ok…. I just love those pouty faces and beautiful flower bottoms! I know some would want smiles, but that is just a matter of turning that frown upside down with some embroidery! I think these Amigurumi Spring Bunnies look like easter eggs too. The body and ears are a very easy work up and I think any beginner crocheter can take this project on for the season! These guys would be a great addition to an Easter basket!


By: Rose and Lily Amigurumi

One of the first things to come to my mind when Spring and Easter come around are Peeps! Those cute, delicious, marshmallowy, sugary chick/bunny shaped goodness~ These little amigurumi’s are on point on what Peeps look like and the coloring, beautiful spring pastels! The pattern is very simple, so beginners do not hesitate to give it a try! Perhaps they can even be included in an Easter basket you prepare for someone!

No-Sew Chick Crochet Pattern

By: Stitch by Fay

MINI! I may have said other patterns are easy or simple…. but this one beats them all out! I would even say, if you are thinking about trying your first amigurumi project this is one to give a go. Essentially this chick is a simple crocheted ball, and the wings can even be worked on as you go or sewn on afterwards. The tininess brings out such a cute vibe and of course chicks are one of the “poster” animals of Spring!

Crochet Little Lamb Lovey and Little Crochet Lamb

By: Sewrella

I first came across the lovey pattern for this lamb but then diverted to the stuffed toy and could not decide which to include so I chose both! The lovey would be perfect for any little one who needs a cuddle companion and the little lamb is a stuffed toy that any child or baby would love. These are a bit more difficult than easy as it calls for the bobble stitch for the head/body, but the patterns clearly explain this stitch; so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. The bobble stitch is perfect to give these little guys their puffiness!

Laurence the Lion Free Amigurumi Pattern

By: Jess Huff

Out like a lion and in like a lamb… such a Spring saying where I am from and so I just HAD to include this little lion! Just be forewarned… that mane is going to take quite some time to get the full and beautiful!

Pattern: Fleece Teddy and Bunny

By: All About Ami Crochet

I chose this more for the bunny, as they are an animal that signifies the start of the Spring season, but the teddy is just as cute! I love that the creator used “fleece” yarn for the pattern as it brings out such a cozy texture that makes the end product so so huggable! The patterns are simple as well and should work up quickly with the thicker yarn.

FREE Bunny Crochet Pattern

By: The Knochet Niche

I just had to include one of my very own in here since it fits so well for the Spring season! This little guy would be a great addition to an Easter basket or as a gift for anyone expecting a Spring baby! Although it is made using double worked fine (weight 1) yarn, it can definitely be substituted with a thicker yarn (weight 3) for the same sizing.

Knit Patterns

Easter Bunny

by: Claire Garland

This adorable little rabbit is the perfect project for spring! It is more of a complex pattern by an incredible designer. My experience while making this was positive despite being confused at times. The biggest confusion in the pattern is knowing where to seam and pick up stitches. I think that my little bunny turned out adorably though and will definitely be making this again!

Vintage Rabbit

by: Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Something about this vintage rabbit reminds me of the old book, The Velveteen Rabbit. it just looks nostalgic and timeless. I think this would make the perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Easter Dudes

by: MagdaLaine

I have previously made little Christmas people from this same designer, and I love them! These Easter people are similar in construction to the Christmas ones, but with fun little accessories! I personally can’t wait to get started on them!

Bunny Balloon Animal

by: Lion Brand Yarn

A fun twist to the classic Easter bunny! It’s a perfect beginner pattern as it is knit flat before seaming into a tube and then twisting into shape. I love checking other people’s projects on Ravelry and how they turned out. The more consistent I see people’s projects are, I know the better written and easy to follow the instructions are. I have to say for this pattern, the projects are impressively consistent.

Easter Peeps

by: Kathy Lewinski

These cute little ducks are a nice easy pattern that is also a great use of scrap yarn! They would make an adorable addition to a little one’s goody basket!

Roly-Poly Bunny

by: Kimberly Kalnoki

I am in love with this chubby bunny! It is a medium difficulty, the designer says it is “[written] for the more experienced knitter who is new to making toys.” There are more complicated techniques in there, but nothing a few YouTube tutorials can’t clear up!

Easter Earl

by: Rachel Brockman

Another intermediate difficulty pattern, but look how cute he is! I can’t wait to make this little guy, he is definitely on my short list for projects!

One Square Plush Bunny

by: Gina Michele

The perfect beginner pattern! This bunny is literally made by sewing up a knit square in just the right places! The instructions are super clear and she even has a video showing how everything is sewn. I think this is a great project for new knitters to learn proper ways to seam and make that seaming invisible!

Dr. Quackers

by: Lizzy-Knits

Dr. Quackers was one of my favorite toys to knit up! I made him last year and ended up doing a giveaway with him. This pattern is very simple to follow and makes such a goofy looking floppy duck that toddlers love!

Raggedy Bunny

by: The Knochet Niche

I can’t have an Easter list without my own bunny pattern! This knit bunny is a great beginner project for someone just learning how to knit. It is made in two pieces and is either seamed, or crocheted together. Ears are made separate and then sewn in place, embroider a little nose, just add your favorite ribbon and you’ve got a charming rustic bunny!


by: Amanda Berry

With all these bunny patterns I have to include a pattern for them! This is a fairly easy beginner pattern that is worked flat and then seamed up. I think the most challenging aspect for a beginner with this pattern, is the i-cord stalks.


Crochet Patterns

Easter Eggs

By: Tatiana Saienko

I think these are so so cute and just perfect for Easter! A great way to spruce up your house for the season. Or maybe if you have older children, instead of dying eggs give this a try as an easter activity! Perhaps even include them as part of your Easter egg hunt this year.

Easter Bunny Eggs

By: Lalylala Amigurumi

Look at that face! Again super cute and easy pattern! I think this would make a great addition to an Easter basket or to decorate a home for the Spring/Easter season!


By: Yarn and Chai

Anyone need a basket for their Easter egg hunt this year? Well why not try and make your own with this super easy pattern! The colors just shout Spring, but of course you choose your own ultimately. I think this would be cute also as the base of a gift Easter basket if you plan to give one!

Crochet Carrot Easter Garland Free Pattern

By: The Knotted Nest

If you haven’t noticed yet from our previous holiday/seasonal posts, I just love me a seasonal garland pattern! These carrots are just too cute to not hang up when Spring arrives!


By: Yarnspirqations

Here’s my second garland option for you all for the Spring and Easter season. Super adorable bunnies with pompom tails! Not even just for decorating during Spring time, but this could be a great way to decorate a babies or child’s room as well (or if you just really like rabbits)~

Free Crochet pattern Easter Nesting Eggs

By: Atty’s.

Looking for some decor for tables and shelves during Easter? Well, these egg shaped yarn bowls are the way to go! So many different sizes are offered so you can put a variety of things in them. I think I would go for a medium size and put some of the crocheted easter eggs (above) inside to decorate my table!

Tapestry Gingham Bunny Placemat Free Crochet Pattern

By: Nana’s Crafty Home

I love a good tapestry crochet pattern and this placemat pattern is perfect for Spring! This bunny placemat would be great to use on your dining/kitchen table for spring time. Tapestry patterns can be a bit more difficult with color changing involved however it is always worth it to give it your best shot!


By: Raffamusa

Another adorable bunny tapestry pattern! Super cute potholder perfect for Spring! Does anyone else have seasonal potholders like me?

Mini Bunny Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

By: Stitch by Fay

CUTE! I just love the look of crochet wall hanger decorations! This one would be perfect to decorate a little one’s room!

Bunny Cup Cozy Easter Crochet Pattern

By: One Dog Woof

Need a new cozy for your coffee? Here is a quick and easy pattern to make a bunny themed one! I think this would be a great gift even for someone who just loves bunnies in general, not limited to Easter or Spring time!

Free Crochet Pattern {Dainty Daisy Bookmark}

By: Daisy Cottage Designs

Ever since I saw Adira make some adorable knitted bookmarks, I have kept my eye out for some crochet ones! I recently came across this Daisy one and thought it would be perfect to share here for our Spring post! Super easy and quick to make! Know someone who still loves to read hard copy books? This is a great gift for them!


By: Yarnspirations

Spring is the season of planting! Time to get your gardeners gloves out and begin potting all your plants and flowers! This is a great way to incorporate plants to your indoor living space if you don’t have a lot of room on tabletops or counters!

Knit Patterns

Spring Bunting

By: Frankie Brown

This bright and fun bunting makes the perfect décor for Easter! It can be done in more muted tones, but where’s the fun in that? The instructions in the pattern are super clear and thorough. I would call this an intermediate knit because of the stitch pattern and the letter technique. However, the instructions are so well written, I think a determined beginner could figure it out!

Bloom Wreath

by: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Spring means flowers and this wreath brings a pop of floral color to your home that I think also brings some cozy character! I think this would be equally perfect in a kids room or your living space.

Easter Placemats with Napkin Rings

by: Red Heart Yarns

These cute placemats are worked in a fun waffle or basket-weave-type stitch. The napkin rings are also adorable with little Easter eggs covering them. The perfect way to bring some fun festivity to your table!

A Petite Felted Bag

by: Ann Lim

I love this idea of literally making your own Easter basket and I think this pattern is perfect for that! Whether you’re making it to collect eggs or make a gift basket, this basket (in general) is perfect for spring and children!

0-1372 Sun-baked

by: DROPS design

Lately I have found myself gravitating towards DROPS patterns. This pot holder design jumped out at me because of the fun colorwork. While it is not necessarily spring related, I think with the right colors it could fit any season!

Baby/Children Clothing & Accessories

Crochet Patterns

[Free pattern] Little Bunny Bag

By: Khuc Cay

ADORABLE! This little bag would be a great gift for a little one! Maybe using it for egg collection on easter or just for carrying around some toys or crafts!


By: A Crafty Concept

This type of bag would be great for older children to carry toys, books, or crafts in to a friends to play! I just absolutely adore the cotton tail pompom!

crochet bunny hat pattern

By: Repeat Crafter Me

If you know someone expecting a spring baby this is a perfect set to gift them for a baby photo shoot! Super cute and easy to make too and the creator has sizings from 0-3 months all the way to teen/adult! Although the title just states bunny hat pattern, the creator does include a link to a free diaper pattern as well.


By: Left in Knots

Another adorable spring baby photo shoot outfit! I love the gingham pattern on the inside of the bunny ears on this pattern! The hat comes in sizes of baby, toddler and child S.

Simply Spring Crochet Baby Dress: Newborn-6 Months Free Crochet Pattern

By: Winding Road Crochet

This adorable dress would be perfect for dressing any little one in this Spring Season or perhaps for celebrating their first easter! This is a very simple dress pattern so those of you new to crocheting clothing, don’t be afraid to try this one out!

Tulip Crochet Dress Free Pattern

By: Winding Road Crochet

A super springy dress featuring a row of tulips! I just love how the creator incorporated the tulips into the body of the dress! The pattern offers sizes ranging from 12 months-size 8 giving a great range for anyone with a baby or child! The creator also tried to make this dress as simple as possible, by having the majority of the dress made up of double crochet.

Newborn Baby Romper Outfit

By: Croche ‘n’ Create

When I saw this set, I just had to make it (my version below)! I had trouble with gauge so be sure to do a swatch for this one (I normally skip this step, but regretted it this time). Spring is always up and down with the temperature so this set allows for it all, the romper is short sleeved with long pants, perfect for going out on a warm day, but as it cools off, you can add the adorable over sweater and hat to keep the baby warm!

crochet baby romper

By: Repeat Crafter Me

A super simple pattern for a baby onsie (6-9 mo)! Made up of double crochet it works up quickly and the simplicity of it allows for creative inputs once complete! For example, you can crochet an applique and sew one on!


By: Maisie and Ruth Pretty Simple Crochet

I just love a good hooded sweater pattern! Especially those with animal ears! This pattern is super cute and the creator actually has a whole set including a matching blanket, rattle, hat and booties if you are interested. The free patten is for wither 0-3 months or 6-12 months.

Crochet Baby Vest Pattern FREE (Sizes Newborn To 10 Years)

By: HanJan Crochet

This is a great gender neutral pattern that has a huge size range from new born to 10 years! The pattern is easy-intermediate. Although it is a free pattern you must subscribe to the site.


By: Yarnspirations

Look at this gentlemanly look! I just love the sweater vest look and can’t wait to give this pattern a go! I think this would make an adorable first Easter outfit!

Knit Patterns

b31-13 Spring Princess

by: DROPS Design

Another DROPS pattern I am obsessed with! One of my favorite parts of these patterns is the large size range they offer.

The lace work on this sweater is absolutely stunning! It is offered in sizes 1 month all the way up to 4 years!

Knit Baby Jacket Set

by: Yarnspirations Design Studio

This adorable bunny set is worked entirely in garter stitch and looks adorable! My one complaint is that I wish it was offered in larger sizes as it is only written for newborns.

B21-8 Junior

by: DROPS Design

When I first found this pattern all I could think of was that it looked like a grandpa style vest, which is adorable on babies! This worked up fairly quickly for me despite using such small needles (a US 2 and 3). I am still trying to find the perfect buttons for it, but I think it looks so cute!


by: Jeny Staiman

These slippers have been on my want to make list for so long! My first child was too big for the pattern by the time I found it, so I can’t wait to make these for my new baby!

Baby Bunny Newborn or Preemie Hat

by: Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson

This is such a cute little hat and one that can easily be made for any size! The make up is a simple rolled brim, it would just take a little math to convert your gauge swatch to the necessary stitch count! Ears can be made longer if desired too. This is such a cute idea or gift for spring babies!

0-634 Bunny Toes

by: DROPS Design

Vintage is back in style and these little bunny socks are exactly what’s in! From the lacy tops to the embroidery, this sock is not only adorable, your baby will be on the current fashion wave forefront! As per the usual DROPS pattern it comes in a range of sizes from 1 month all the way to 4 years!

Women’s Clothing

Crochet Patterns

Light Crochet Shawl – Summertide Wrap Pattern

By: Mama in a Stitch

With the weather being so finicky in Spring, I believe it is always best to have a shawl on hand to wrap around if it gets chilly! This is a great lightweight shawl to make for yourself or perhaps to gift someone else.


By: Crochet with Carrie

I did not think I would really be interested in making a sweater for myself, but this one is tempting! I love the lace look of it!

Knit Patterns

Tulip cropped top

By: Ines Cruz

This gorgeous pattern I found while on an amusing quest. My youngest sister recently picked up crochet and her first project was a crop top. She immediately started trying to pick a fight with both our other sister and I since we can both knit. She claimed crochet crop tops were WAY better looking then knit ones, all the knit ones she saw were so ugly! Of course I had to prove her wrong and found many gorgeous tops, but I absolutely fell in love with this one! Between the stitch pattern and the garment cut, I think it’s absolutely stunning!

212-40 Spring Surrender

by: DROPS Design

Another gorgeous top, this time by DROPS design. I found this by looking up spring patterns on ravelry and loved the details on it! Yu can find it from size S all the way up to 3xl.

Spring Blossom Socks

by: Susanne Vetterkind

With temperatures in spring going up and down, socks are still a must. These gorgeous floral socks make the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! It is only written for one size (medium) but the creator says it can fairly easily be converted into others.

Spring League Sleeveless Hoodie

by: Alexandra Tavel

Another shirt (or sweater) I am obsessed with! This sleeveless hoody is simple and yet very chic and fashionable. It is written for sizes xs all the way through 4xl which is such a huge range of sizes!

Spring at last. Cable and lace cowl

by: Nina T

Such a pretty feminine pattern that screams spring (especially in this pink color). Again with temperatures all over the place, a cowl is the perfect addition to any spring outfit!

223-2 Swing by Spring

by: DROPS Design

This stunning dress is perfect for spring! While quite the daunting project and a big commitment, this dress would be stunning for spring!


Crochet Patterns


By: Make & Do Crew

I love me some C2C patterns! I think these types of patterns allow for some truly unique looks for blankets! The gingham bunny is absolutely adorable! C2C is a very specific type of crochet where you crochet boxes made up of (usually) double crochets and chains. the boxes then make up the pattern design. It is also called C2C because you work corner to corner rather than across.


By: Yarnspirations

This blanket just screams spring with its beautiful green Ivy look! I think this blanket would be a great way to incorporate the Spring season into the inside of your home!

Crochet Sheep Baby Blanket

By: Daisy Farm Crafts

Sheep are absolutely some of the cutest creatures, it’s no wonder lamb and sheep items are all over baby clothing, blankets and accessories. Their super fluffy and puffy bodies just make them super adorable! I love this simple blanket featuring a sheep in the middle. The pattern includes both written instructions and a graph.

Knit Patterns

Spring Blanket KAL

By: Nicola Valiji

Patchwork is such a cute style, and you don’t see it as much in knitting as you do in crochet. This blanket is a stunning mix of colorwork and different textured stitch patterns! I would love to try my hand at this someday!

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