Knochet Niche’s Story….


[No – Shay]


The compound word made up of Knit and Crochet

What started off as a joke, has become our brand!

We first met about 3 years ago and decided to start doing craft fairs together, Kailey selling her crochet baby items and Adira selling knit ones. At first we were just by doing craft fairs but this quickly turned into weekly coffee shop meet-ups. During one of these meetings we were trying to come up with a collaborative name for ourselves to sell under. Knochet was thrown out as a joke (the unoriginal silly combination of knit and crochet pronounced as “No-Shay”). After going through a laundry list of other options we circled back to that joke one, and it just stuck!

At the end of 2023 we decided to branch out and start blogging about what we do and posting some of our content. Which brings us to now!

About Me


I’m a mother to a wonderful 2 year old with another on the way. I taught myself how to knit when I was 12 using 2 pencils, and a lot of determination! After I had my son, I found my way back into knitting. After taking a college-long (about 6 years total) break, and started my own business (Wolf Baby Boutique)! I love Knitting and creating new things! My goal is to make knitting more accessible, affordable, and attractive for everyone! Hope you stick around to learn the basics and share the journey along the way! Outside of knitting I love cooking, baking, and taking care of my 11 chickens and 3 ducks.

About Me


I am obsessed with all things crochet! My journey into the art began during middle school when I joined a knit and crochet club where I learned both but truly fell in love with crochet. I took quite a long break and began my hobby again about three years ago and since then have loved advancing my skills by learning new techniques ranging from amigurumi making, writing my own patterns, and most recently delving into clothing making! I am here to share my experiences along the way for any interested in learning more and would love to hear from all of you as well! In my spare time, other than crocheting,  I love spending time with and spoiling my newfie Gabriel (pictured above)!