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I am very excited for the 7 new knitting projects I have lined up for myself so much so, that I want to share them with all of you! May this list inspire you to shuffle around, or add to your own short-list.

My Knitting short-list is an ever changing patchwork of patterns of all different styles and types. What is on there depends on the creative mood I am in. I have had everything from toys, to baby clothing, to adult wear populating my list.

Before we start, I need to define what my version of a knitting short-list is. For me, a knitting short-list includes any projects that are currently on my needles as well as, five additional patterns I desperately want to make.

I am a knitter who likes working busy. I always have about 3 projects on my needles at a time. There is just something that feels more accomplishing when 3 projects are cast-off at once. Even though it takes the same amount of time whether I do all at once, or one project at a time.

Without further preamble, lets get into the new and exciting projects on my knitting short-list!

My Knitting Short-List

On my needles

1. CURLY GIRLY Knit Baby Onesie FREE or PAID

This absolutely adorable baby onesie is free on YouTube. I was looking for a more decorative design to try out and I tried searching YouTube out of curiosity. I stumbled upon this absolute gem. The onesie body is almost done, and I have plans to modify the sleeves into a cute short-sleeve puff.

I am working this up using a light pink cotton from a thrifted sweater I unraveled.

2. Berry Baby Hat (Blueberry) FREE

I have had this project on my needles in hopes of having it finished for the craft fair I participated in May 19th. Obviously, that did not happen as it is still on my needles… I love this simple recipe for a baby hat. I did a few modifications to make strawberry hats in different sizes and loved how they turned out!

The yarn I am using for the Blueberry hat is a Blue Pima cotton that has been discontinued from Hobby Lobby (sorry everyone) and green I will be using (same as the strawberries) is the Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton 186yds Worsted Cotton Yarn in the color Grass.

Not Yet Cast-on

1. Peter Rabbit by Claire Garland PAID

My two year old is currently OBSESSED with Peter Rabbit. I happened upon this pattern on Ravelry and saw that it came in a whole book! I could not have scrambled faster to purchase this magical book, and am planning on making a lot of the patterns for my son’s birthday in July.

Peter is being worked up in a collection of Indie-dyed yarn. I got most yarns from the Long Island Fleece and Fiber fest, and one from a Facebook purchase.

I am using a gorgeous brown Cria Alpaca from Red Barn Farm, a fingering weight merino and silk blend in the color straw from 7th Floor yarn, A gorgeous mohair and silk blend in the color Cabin Brown From Lili Loops, and a white Mink yarn from lotus yarns. The mink yarn I purchased through Facebook but I discovered it was discontinued, and probably is not 100% mink like it claims.

2. Clementine’s Baby Kimono by Diana Jones FREE

This pattern looks adorable, and might be exactly what I’m looking for in a baby sweater. I am on a quest to find the best baby wrap sweater that stretches the most amount of sizes. My search is in part due to demand for me to carry larger sized babywear, but also due to my own sons.

My oldest was a teeny-tiny baby and took longer to fit into even a newborn size, a wrap sweater would have been nice as a fit all sweater as he slowly grew. In contrast, my second son is a behemoth! At not even 3 months he is already in size 6-9 month clothing! At least one sweater would have been nice to stay constant, as I almost weekly switched out his wardrobe…

I have not thought of yarn yet for this project, let me know if you have any suggestions!

3. In a Pear Tree, the cardigan by The Barbarian Horde FREE

This adorable looking wrap, spans from newborn size all the way to 6 months! The pattern gives you 2 versions, a plain one and one with a lace like cable design.

I have not thought of yarn yet for this project, let me know if you have any suggestions!

4. seamless baby and toddler wrap by Suzie Fry FREE

I immediately thought, “little boy” when I saw this adorable colored wrap sweater. With two boys of my own I appreciate a simple pattern with a boyish flair. This pattern can easily be modified when it comes to the neckline, and using a more girly color would definitely make it more feminine.

I have not thought of yarn yet for this project, let me know if you have any suggestions!

5. Cloud Cotton Baby Wrap Sweater and Hat by Lynn Cullen FREE

Another adorable wrap, in another huge range of sizes. What I like about this pattern, is how clean it looks. It is angular and sharp looking. The simplicity of this design I think would look good on little girls and boys alike.

I have not thought of yarn yet for this project, let me know if you have any suggestions!

I am very excited and anxious to get started cranking away at my list. Let me know what you currently have on your short-list!

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