In today’s economy, paid-for patterns are a luxury. Unless you know exactly what you want and what you’re getting for the price – *cough* Petite Knit *cough* – it’s hard to justify the spending sometimes. As people with tight budgets, free patterns are our bread and butter! Over time both of us have found quite a few unusual, and handy, places where you can access patterns for free. We give each source a star rating out of 5 stars based on the craft, as well as a blurb about why we rated it as we did.


This is an oldie but a goodie. I (Adira) happened upon this website completely on accident after purchasing a ball of Lily’s Sugar’n Cream for a project, and noticed there was a pattern written on the inside of the label. This label also gave me a way to find more free patterns via a website, This website not only sells yarn and full kits, but also offers a decent selection of free patterns.


Crochet: 4 stars
Knitting: 3 stars

Why? A lot of the patterns on here are outdated and somewhat tacky (*Maybe for knitting but the crochet ones can be quite cute ~ Kailey). That being said, there are some lovely patterns hiding in there, but it’s like a thrift store: you REALLY need to look! Their sorting function isn’t the greatest, however it lists options such as by ease, but also by yarn brand, project type, “made for”, and if you find a favorite designer you can use the “designed by” option.


This is my (Adira’s) absolute go to site for all things patterns! I got Kailey somewhat hooked as well (pun totally intended). Ravelry is more like a forum where all patterns are linked to posts; you can see others’ versions of a pattern, and you can take notes either privately or publicly on how you adapted a certain pattern, your process, etc. They also have forums where you can chat with others in your craft, join make-alongs, ask for help, and a yarn forum where you can get in touch with people to find yarn you might be missing (or just keep track of what you have).


Crochet: 3 stars
Knitting: 4.7 stars

Why? There are so many cool features on this site (*sigh… I am not too much of a fan ~ Kailey). The filter options are very useful, with much detail. There are free and paid-for patterns, so you need to select the free filter. The site allows you to filter down to the size needle, yarn weight, and project you want to work on. There are so many crafts here – it is certainly not limited to knit or crochet! The only downside is you do have to make an account to even view patterns (*This is the part I do not like ~ Kailey). This can make linking or sharing patterns tedious and frustrating.


This is another website that encompasses both yarn for sale as well as patterns for knitting and crocheting. The site allows individuals to post their own patterns, free of charge or for purchase. You can sort for free patterns in either crochet or knitting, and can further filter your searches based on a decent variety of choices i.e. type of project, yarn brand, who you want to make for, and yarn weight.


Crochet: 4 stars
Knitting: 4.4 stars

This is a very thorough website that has many options enabling people to search for patterns. But be sure to have language selected before really looking. The worst is finding a pattern you love only to realize it is not written in English! There is also a limited selection of free patterns; for example, free crochet patterns for baby sweaters only results in 25 for you to look through. The site definitely caters to knitters more, seeing as free knitting patterns have over 12k pages of patterns, while free crochet patterns only have just shy of 8k. In any case, the filtering options are great and can really help narrow your results, unlike some other websites where you have to scroll through hundreds of results to find what you want. Definitely worth a look!

4. a.k.a. Amiguroom Toys

This is a great site for all things Amigurumi and was in fact the first site I (Kailey) used for a stuffed toy pattern. The patterns here are ALL free and super easy to understand and follow. It is, however, limited to crochet only. I still check back on this site regularly for inspiration and sometimes use a pattern to create something oh-so-adorable! This website/blog allows filtering based on types of animals, food, dolls, and holidays.


Crochet: 5 stars
Knitting: 0 stars :'(

Clearly a 5 stars for all things crochet Amigurumi. The only downside is that it is limited to crochet Amigurumi only (*Adira sad noises*), but if that is what you are looking for – this is definitely the site to use!

5. and

As the names entail, each site is limited to only patterns from that craft, the bright side being that every pattern on here is FREE! This website has many, many, many patterns to choose from. The downside is that there are limited filtering options for narrowing your results down.


Crochet: 3 stars
Knitting: 3 stars

So-so for both of us. There are many patterns with little way to minimize the number of patterns to scroll through. It will take time for you to find just what you are looking for, so be prepared. Neither of us were a big fan of the way each site was laid out, the patterns listed, and the amount of time you had to invest to find something. But again, it is ALL free, so it can be worth the time to search for a pattern. The site also has some tutorials on certain stitches, which is great if you come across a pattern that calls for a stitch you are unsure of. Give it a try and see if it works well for you!

6. Your local library

Believe it or not, most libraries have collections of old magazines, of all types. Some libraries have gotten around to digitizing their collection; others have not. Many of these magazines are crafting ones. You can find free patterns, both crochet and knitting, that you might not be able to access for free elsewhere. The only downside is this is very library-specific. Libraries that have digitized their collection are easier to access than those with only a physical collection, but not all have done so yet.

Ratings: Highly Subjective

Because it depends on what your local library has, it is hard to give a rating. While some libraries may be stocked with patterns, others may not be. We’re unsure whether interlibrary loans and exchanges can even be applied to such magazines, but it is definitely worth some exploration!

7. Instagram

If you are ever in the mood for endless scrolling this is the place to go for free patterns! I (Kailey) absolutely love finding creative individuals who are kind enough to share their amazingly beautiful patterns!


Crochet: 4 stars
Knitting: 3.5 stars

Kailey: One of my favorite things to do when I have only a few minutes of free time is scroll through Instagram in search of adorable free patterns. Not only do I find some wonderful instructions but I also gain some inspiration for my own creations. Of course there really is no way to truly narrow your search down to find what you are looking for but sometimes that’s what you need. If you ever have a creative block or have no clue what to make next, this is honestly the best place to go! You scroll through, and then… BAM! There’s the free pattern just right for you!

Adira: As much as I love doom-scrolling Instagram, I honestly haven’t found much in the way of free patterns that I’m interested in. There are some drop-dead gorgeous patterns out there. If, like Kailey, you spend time scrolling and looking specifically for patterns, social media finds you posts that will keep you on the app. But because I don’t spend enough time looking for patterns, the algorithm doesn’t really help me out. This could be partially why I haven’t found as many knitting patterns on there, and why I’m more likely to find a great new recipe than I am a new pattern I’d like to try. I give it a lower rating purely because I haven’t found much. Let me know if you have had better luck finding a great knitting pattern on the platform!

These are a few of our favorite places to find patterns. Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite and where you like to get your patterns from!

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