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As fiber artists, we LOVE yarn (although it could be deemed more of an obsession)! While we may not always agree on what makes a certain yarn the best, we can agree that not all yarn is made the same, feel the same, or work the same.

In today’s post we are talking all about yarn that we’ve absolutely loved working with! In some cases, this has nothing to do with how much we liked the finished product and is purely based off of how enjoyable the experience of working with the yarn was. Unfortunately some of our favorites have been discontinued, and we are still searching for a substitute.

We hope you get some insight from this post where we list the 10 best yarns we love to work with. In the comments section let us know what some of your favorites are and we may do a future review where we try out some of your favorites!

10 Yarns We Love to Work With

1. Bernat Velvet/Bernat Baby Velvet, Yarnspirations

Another one of Kailey’s favorites but more for the cooler season or for amigurumi making! The only true differences between Bernat Velvet and Bernat Baby Velvet yarn are the weight (1 size difference) and colors offered, other than this, both are essentially the same. These velvet yarns are so plush, soft and warm! Due to this yarn being “bulky” yarns and being plush it makes the perfect yarn to use for making amigurumis as it holds the filling in well without showing and also makes the toys bigger just due to the size of the yarn! This is definitely the yarn to choose if you are looking to make a winter blanket as well. The weight of the yarn when crocheted together makes it super cozy.

These two are yarns that are available once again at Michaels, Joann’s, and online making it super easy to restock if needed (or wanted)!

Kailey has made a number of both stuffed toys and baby blankets using these velvet yarns which you can see below!

2. Essential Cotton, K+C

One of the newest yarns that Kailey has tried (hence the lack of example creations below) the K+C Essential Cotton has quickly risen to the top of her favorites! This yarn is one of the softest 100% cotton yarns that Kailey has ever felt! And the colorwork is so gorgeous! They do offer both solid and tiedye-ish colors, but Kailey seems to lean to the multicolored yarn for a flare to her works. The yarn is perfect for all types of clothing items and for any season!

3. Fur Fourrure, Loops & Threads (Discontinued)

Another of Kailey’s favorites that got discontinued! Although this one was advertised as limited edition so buying some and falling in love knowing it will no longer exist in a few months was a risk she was willing to take! All that can be said is that this fur yarn is LUSCIOUS! (And yes, it is FAUX fur.) Although the stitches are very difficult to see when crocheting, the Kailey was able to succeed by using her sense of touch to feel where each stitch needs to be placed. This does make it a more difficult yarn to work with, however that challenge is worth it when the end products are super soft and look stunning (examples made by Kailey below). Kailey has tried the Loops & Threads Faux Fur yarn (yes, it is a different yarn) but the feel and work up is completely different and nothing compared to their discontinued fur yarn. Next up on the list to try fur yarn wise is a Yarn Bee brand.

If anyone can recommend a great faux fur yarn please do so!

4. Patons Classic Wool Worsted

Patons Classic Wool is a worsted weight raw wool that Adira loves working with! This wool is a fantastic budget option for felted knit projects, and anything you want to have a rustic feel. While there are plenty of more luxurious raw wools, this yarn is great for the price (where we are regular price is about $10) and for the versatility in uses. Worsted weight is a good standard size that can make most anything, and wool is good for anything from garments to décor.

Below are two of Adira’s creations using the Patons Classic wool. Of note for the pumpkins, another raw wool yarn was held with the Patons to create the marled color.

5. Recycled Material

While recycled materials are not a brand, this is Adira’s favorite way to obtain new yarn. It doesn’t necessarily matter what material. Getting yarn this way has the added bonus of basically shopping backwards. You go into your local thrift store and find a sweater that you love the feel of, take it apart, wash the yarn, and use it for new creations. In this way you basically already know what the finished fabric will feel like, instead of guessing from just feeling the yarn.

Below are some of Adira’s creations made with recycled yarn.

6. Storybook Lullaby, Stitch Studio by Nicole (discontinued)

Oh the sadness ~ This was one of Kailey’s absolute favorites back when she started to crochet! Does anyone else remember A.C. Moore? Well this was one of their brands and once A.C. Moore shutdown all Stitch Studio by Nicole was discontinued. This yarn was very soft and a wonder to work with! Not much splitting and the stitches were easy to see no matter the color. The creations made with this yarn also held up well in the wash and to time.

It is the worst feeling when a yarn you love gets discontinued!

These are some of Kailey’s creations, most of which are from years ago, but she still has a few partial skeins left to make mini projects like the baby romper featured below.

7. Truboo, Lion Brand

This yarn is in a love-hate relationship with Kailey at the moment, but it is still one of her absolute favorites. She always needs a break in between projects that use this yarn due to its somewhat annoying nature of splitting; however, it is an absolute wonder to behold and feel when the project is complete! Made 100% from bamboo, the utter softness and cool to the touch feel makes it the perfect yarn to use for any items for babies or for the summer season. The colors are always absolutely gorgeous and strikingly bright too! Another perk of this yarn is the fact that it is sold both at Michaels and Joann’s craft stores, as well as online, making it very accessible (this is a major brownie point for Kailey because she is always underestimating how much of yarn she needs for each project and having to get more).

Some creations by Kailey using this beautiful bamboo yarn are below.

8. Yarn Bee Authentic Hand-Dyed Alpaca (discontinued)

Alpaca is a luxurious fiber to work with. Super soft and airy, this fiber is like wearing a cloud! This specific brand was somewhat more affordable while still being on the higher end for materials. Unfortunately this yarn is discontinued, and we have yet to find a budget Alpaca to replace it with.

Below is a scrunchie Adira made with this yarn.

9. Yarn Bee Authentic Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino

Hobby Lobby’s hand-dyed yarns were always Adira’s go to section. For knitting, wool is such a lovely and versatile material to work with. Superwash merino is the best of both worlds; you get the softness of the merino without the underlying fear your creations will felt and shrink from being washed the wrong way. Hobby Lobby, as of writing this, has drastically downsized their yarn section. They have discontinued most of their higher end materials. While you still can find Authentic hand-dyed in stores, the selection is extremely limited and pricier then it once was.

Shown below are some creations Adira made with this yarn.

10. Yarn Bee Pima Suprema (discontinued)

This cotton is hands down the nicest one Adira has worked with so far! Pima cotton is one of the most luxurious cottons on the market. Not only is it silky soft, the long fibers and tight ply on the yarn make this a very low shed yarn. Unfortunately for all of us, this is one of Hobby Lobby’s discontinued yarns.

Below are two creations made with this yarn. Of note, the bonnets are made by holding a recycled yarn with the Pima yarn.

We hope you got some inspiration from our reviews of these yarns and of the projects that were made using them!

We would absolutely love to hear from you, what your favorite yarns are so we can give them a shot!

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