So you’ve decided to take up a pair of needles and try you hand at knitting. Welcome the the cult *cough* I mean club! There are many potential projects that you can work towards in improving your skills. Let’s be honest though, most of the beginner projects for knitting like coasters and scarves, are a little predictable and boring.

Knitting can seem especially boring when we look over at our friends who crochet, and they have whole fun kits available to learn. I remember a time, back when I learned how to knit 10+ years ago, that crochet was viewed as the granny craft. How the turntables have turned!

In this list I try to provide 10 actually cool knit projects (that are also free!) that can help you in your journey to knitting proficiency. If you have any suggestions or problems with links, let me know in the comments down below.

Of note: A large portion of these patterns provided that come from Ravelry, the links may not work for them as you need to create an account. The full name of the pattern, as well as the creator, can be typed into the search bar and the pattern should come up. Again let me know if this does not work!

Beginner Knit Purse

In this 3 Part video series I show you how to make a very basic knit purse that can easily be customized to whatever skill level you are at! This is the first video of the series you can find the full playlist here! However, while this pattern can be adapted to be worked in the round, I think it is easiest done flat. If you really want to take your purse to the next level I’d suggest adding a cloth lining to it!

Beginner Knit Hearts

This is a very easy beginner pattern that can make cute decorations. In my post I give you some ideas on how you can adapt this basic pattern and make it your own. You can do anything from making little stuffed hearts, to decorative bunting, to coasters!

Jubilee Crown Headband

This adorable little crown is a nice little project that uses basic increases and decreases. There are many different sizes from baby to adult. I think this would be perfect with some embroidery detailing or sewing on some cute appliques. There are so many ways to make the crown your own!

Christmas Tree Card

A very easy pattern that makes a cute Christmas card. I would call this a true beginner pattern as you just have to make a triangle shape, but you still are left with something cute and useful at the end. I have made so many useless swatches while learning how to do certain techniques, projects like this one would have been perfect!

Mini Triangle Knit Bunting

Another easy pattern that makes a lovely decoration for any season! This also is a great stash buster pattern to get rid of any scrap yarn you have laying around. You have to make a bunch of triangles which is perfect if you’re just learning basic increases. Because you’ll be repeating so many times, you will be sure to never forget the technique!

Easy Knit Bunny (My Pattern)

This simple knit bunny makes a great beginner pattern and makes a cute little raggedy toy! When I first created this pattern my goal was to create a gingerbread-esque shaped base that gives a rustic and cozy vibe, which I think I achieved. It also is a super beginner friendly pattern where you only have to know basic increases and decreases.

Hair Scrunchie

A cute little pattern that makes a lovely hair accessories. Though this pattern calls for circular needles, it is still knit flat. You can use an elastic like they did in this pattern, or just use a pre-existing hair tie. If you do use this, you do have to remember to make sure you hold it on the inside as you sew.

Mama Bear and Her Cub

I love this little pattern! This pattern was the inspiration for my own Marshmallow bears. You will need to know how to use circular needles.

Plant Pals Pot Cozies

These are adorable little cozies meant for plants. I think these also make adorable pencil holders! Whatever you decide to use them for, containers of any sort or size are always nice to have!

TossorTug to Knit

This is a great introduction pattern to lace-work. You will need to know how to use circular needles, yarn overs, and basic decreases. It makes a great toy for your furry friend, and gives you great practice at the same time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post let me know in the comments what your favorite beginner project was when you started!

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